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    All the Penguins can communicate now!


    by beth blakely ·

    BusinessWeek reported that on Sept. 13, the Free Standards Group released Linux Standard Base 2.0, which will assure that applications will run on any of the dozens of Linux variations. Large companies like Intel, HP, Dell, and IBM have all agreed to comply. With this new standard, will Linux gain ground as an OS for running corporate applications?

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      Good for ports

      by clinton goveas ·

      In reply to All the Penguins can communicate now!

      This is good news indeed! This will ensure portability of applications across distributions. Soon one needn’t worry about whether the developed application would work on another distribution.

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      Makes sense

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to All the Penguins can communicate now!

      A software architecture standard structure makes sense from the application developers’ point of view. It makes more sense for the providers of enterprise applications to build to one standard rather than try to accommodate a myriad of nuances between distributions. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more commercial server level applications being made available and becoming easier to install.

      I still don’t know why we don’t see as much activity around the FreeBSD operating system. FreeBSD has a full time team of developers. This leads to a more cohesive development environment which strengthens the overall quality of the product. Unfortunately it looks like Linux is the favorite contender to challenge Microsoft in the server room. Still, it’s a pity that the better, true Unix with no licensing questions, has not been as popular as Linux.

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