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    Allienware Lap Top Computer Locking Up


    by pwm34 ·

    My Allienware Lap Top computer locks up after 3-4 min. I have tried starting it under the safe mode and doing a system restore but it still locks up after 3-4 min. The only way i can shut it down is to power it off. Please Help. I need help very very much. Please, Please Help Me.
    Thank You For Your Time

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      by pwm34 ·

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      Well you first need to find out if it is a Hardware or Software issue

      by oh smeg ·

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      It could be a Overheating thing where the CPU isn’t getting cooled correctly or it could just be a corrupt OS issue.

      As you are unable to start in Safe Mode I would really suggest that you get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and run some tests. If it still falls over running the UB CD you know beyond all doubt that you have a Hardware problem but if it tests out OK it is likely to be something in the OS has been corrupted. In that case you could try a Repair Install or a Repair from the Console depending on what you have in the way of a Recovery Option if it is a M$ OEM Disc you can do a Repair Install of the OS and if it is a Recovery Disc from the Maker you need to go to the Console to perform the repair.

      You can get the UB CD free from here


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      I posted this reply to your initial query

      by nepenthe0 ·

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      The hard drive may be failing.

      If your laptop is somewhat ancient, perhaps the hard drive has had its life. You can download HD diagnostic software, burn it to a CD and boot your computer from the CD (if your laptop has a CD-ROM drive):

      Others will probably post their favorite HD diagnostic utilities. I suspect most will do the job.

      Before you order a replacement HD, consider the value of the laptop and whether you wish to install the HD yourself. Installation is actually a 10-minute do-it-yourself project, best attempted if your laptop is sacrificial.

      I have found good deals on HDs at

      There is a Western Digital 120GB 2.5″ HD for $70 posted at should you be interested.

      Rick/Portland, OR

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        Yep Rick I didn’t see the second post till latter

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to I posted this reply to your initial query

        Only thing I have to add though is if you do have a IDE Drive and the system is a bit old there will be a Max Limit on Drives that can be used built into the BIOS. So you’ll have to look at what BIOS can map and buy a replacement Drive within that size range. It’s no good getting a 120 GIG Drive if BIOS can only read 4 GIG’s.

        If you would like to list the make & Model of the NB in question here one of us can tell you what type & Size of Drive is in use here and what can be fitted if the drive needs replacing.

        Generally speaking the more information you provide initially the faster you get a suitable answer to your question.


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