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    allocation of harddisk


    by larssons ·

    I have a new pc with 2x250GB harddisks WD2500JD .
    after install xp it just shows app 120GB
    1: How shall I now reach the disks, and allocate so much as possible of the 250GB on both disks.
    In win98 times I had no problems as I used a Start up disk, but here it is so large disks, that a start98 disk do not help me any more, as to 64GB or so … HELP

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      Reply To: allocation of harddisk

      by rindi1 ·

      In reply to allocation of harddisk

      First apply SP2 to windows XP. Once done you should see the full 250GB (Original XP only handled 130GB). Just a tip, I would put the windows system on a separate partition, not larger than 20 GB Size. and use the rest for data. That way, if you have to reinstall windows you should still have your data.

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      Reply To: allocation of harddisk

      by blackcurrant ·

      In reply to allocation of harddisk

      Hi Larssons

      If the above does not work try the following:

      If only one disk is showing up, then you should make sure that the BIOS is set-up to recognise both disks. You can usually see which key to press to enter the BIOS when the computer starts up. Are the disks IDE or SATA or SCSI? You may need to enable each controller seperately in the BIOS. For example, my computer has both IDE and SATA disks, and each SATA controller has to be enabled seperately from within the BIOS, otherwise Windows XP will not see the second drive.

      Also, if your computer has a RAID array, where data is mirrored from one disk to another, then only one disk will be visible.

      Good luck

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