Allow access to internet but not network from wireless?

By bellsa1976 ·
I am setting up a network that needs to allow visitors to be able to access the internet from our wireless AP, but not be able to access the rest of the network. We also use the wireless to access the network from our own machines and need to maintain that.

Is there an easy way to allow internet, but block network access to visitors?

It is a fairly simple network with a wireless router, switch and 4 computers connected.

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RE:- Is there an easy way to allow internet,

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Allow access to internet ...

but block network access to visitors?

Easy answer to your full question is No there is not with the 1 WiFi Access Point.

The easy way is to setup another WiFi Access Point and not have it set to share the Wired and Wireless LAN's.

However depending what WiFi Access Point you have it may be possible so we would need to know what the actual WiFi Access Point is so the make & Model of it would be helpful now.


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Reponse To Answer

by bellsa1976 In reply to RE:- [i]Is there an easy ...

From memory it is a billion 7500. Not anything flash. The second access point may be the easiest option. Is the primary one set-up with security and then the secondary one just set with relaxed security? How to stop it seeing through to the rest of the network?

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by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Allow access to internet ...

You certainly need a firewall inbetween the AP and the rest of your network. If you have a firewall with multiple Ehternet adapters you can make one of them a DMZ for the guest wifi and one of them the regular internal network.

Instead of using two AP\Wifi routers you can use a firewall that has a wifi adapter. You can build something like this. All you need is a computer with 2 ethernet ports and a wifi card. Cheap to assemble but you may need help setting the software up if you aren't a network guy.

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The right router.

by thomas4442 In reply to Allow access to internet ...

There are wireless -n routers that have a guess access no password needed log-on. It is not hard to set up, it just needs to be activated during set up or later. It is firewalled from the private network and may be a viable option. It think Netgear has one. I'm upgrading my home network and was looking into things of this nature.

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