Allow Domain Users to Add Printers

By gallegosx ·
Ok, I've seen a lot of questions on this subject, but none of them fit my specific issue. Hopefully you all can help me out.

The deal is this: I have Local Admin privs on a bunch of laptops, but no Domain admin privs. I am a "guest" administrator on a larger domain. I only take care of my specific machines in the OU created just for them. The laptops are imaged with Acronis using pre-built images that are made elsewhere. I have no control or input as to how they are built. Here's the problem: None of the users can add printers. This is a Local Policy issue residing on the images that all us Techs recieve. When I log on as a Local Administrator, I can't add them either because it's only a Local account. I have worked around this by manually creating a TCP/IP port in the Add Printer Wizard and adding the IP of the printer and that has worked. However, not all the time. I just need to know how to find ALL the registry keys and change them to allow the regular domain users to be able to add their own printers. I've gone to Local Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options and I can't change the value there.

Any help on this would make my job so much easier, you have no idea.

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