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Allow user to unlock locked computer

By admingurl ·
Is there a group policy or Windows Security setting that would allow some of my users (i.e. non administators) to unlock a workstation?

So far all I can find is a third party application ( Unlock Administrator ) This program seems to do the trick but I obviously would prefer to do this through GP.

Note: I don't want to let just anyone to unlock the computer - I want to be able to select only some users.

Any suggestions?


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by Dumphrey In reply to Allow user to unlock lock ...

Im not sure I understand what you want to do. Any user can unlock a workstation they logged into, and left or locked. Only an Admin can unlock an admin workstation, or force another user to log off, or unlock any workstation. So basicly, if i understand you right, you want to give several specific users the right to unlock ANY computer in the domaine, or just some workstations?

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by admingurl In reply to Allow user to unlock lock ...

Just to be more clear. I want to give specific users the right to unlock specific computers.

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by launch321 In reply to Allow user to unlock lock ...

Do you mean preventing a few computers from self-locking after a period of inactivity? My big boss used to be annoyed by this and he wants his computer to be exempted from this self-locking policy. I think it can be done by altering the registry as shown in this article:

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by admingurl In reply to

No I am referring to unlocking the computer once it has already been locked. We actually want our users to lock their systems. The problem is that we want to allow multiple people to unlock the system without giving them admin rights.

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Ever find our how?

by bsteingraber In reply to

Admingurl, did you ever find out how to do it? I have the same requirement.

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Solution found

by emgub In reply to Ever find our how?

The software that allows you to do this is called Unlock Administrator and it can be found at

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i need help

by enispetsi In reply to Allow user to unlock lock ...

i need help for pass and administrator "hack"
i need a software whare i can hack pass.and administrator if you can.thanks.

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unlock locked computer

by zpowx2 In reply to Allow user to unlock lock ...

※.Login to a computer that can link to Internet. Download <a href=>Windows Password Unlocker 4.0</a> and decompress it on that PC. Note that: there is a .ISO file. Burn the .ISO file to a CD.
※. Get out the newly created CD and insert it to the locked computer.
※. re-booted the locked computer and then followed the process of instructions. Just a few steps, the old password was removed.'''
※. Setting new password:
Step one: Open the "Control Panel"
Step two: Click the "User Account "
Step three: Select the account you wanna to set a new password.
Step four: Click "changing Account " and "set up password", then fill out the form as listed. Click "Create Password".
Thus, you have a personal login ID and Password, any one has no right to login to your computer with out this info.

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