Allow very limited Internet access

By pcegeek ·
Is there a reasonably priced router out there that would allow an employer to block all access to the internet except to just a few sites? I have a couple of desperate clients (small business) that would like to do this.

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by ken In reply to Allow very limited Intern ...

Checkout This is a open source security server which can be placed on a stand alone machine (which I prefer myself) or in "rerouter mode". This has solved many issues for my clients and provide another layer of protection. I take old boxes (P4 2.00 Ghz) add a NIC and put it in place of the router.

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very interesting

by computechdan In reply to untangle

gonna have to look into this untangle thing, thx for the tip

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A FIREWALL will do what you need ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Allow very limited Intern ...

You don't need to find a specific router, just invoke a firewall, block everything, then allow whatever is requested.

If a request is made and you don't agree with the request, don't allow it.

Job done.

ZoneAlarm will do this:

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perhaps this will help

by computechdan In reply to Allow very limited Intern ...

some years back i download a shareware app called "I protect you" that can work as web filter, as well as blocking or allowing only certain sites and or programs to access the internet and could be easily switched on and off via a password. while this works great for one or a few computers, it's a pain to implement to multiple computers as each one has to be configured seperately. i revisted the site after reading your post and found they have a proxy gizmo called ProxEfence that u can install on your server for free that sounds like it may do what your lookin for.

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