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allowing a user to only access a single site on the internet

By wellmax1.maxwell ·
Hi All,
my network consist of Wan/Lan,os server 2003 with over 50 users.

I want to allow one of my users to only have access to a single site on the net. some instructions would be fine

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CM's response is very good but the major problem that is overlooked is that GPO's wont enforce settings on alternate browsers such as firefox.

As an alternative solution you could setup a DCHP reservation on your 2000 / 2003 DHCP server for the users you want to block. (Granted you are running DHCP on your servers) The reservation would be exclusive to that users mac address so if they have 2 nics you would need to add 2 reservations. When create the reservations you need to add an entry for a special DNS server that you will need to create. You will need to add a DNS server to your Active Directory Integrated zones and DISABLE recursive queries on this new DNS server AND just to be safe delete the root hints. As a final step you can create an entry in the hosts file on the users local machine for the site you want to allow such as:

The end result is that the users will query the hosts file before dns and be allowed to Then when they try to go to they will query the new dns server you setup and they will not be allowed to query outside the internal network.

The major caviat behind this solution is that they COULD change their DNS settings to a manual one. You could in turn block this by removing their local admin rights over the machine OR enforce DHCP via GPO.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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