Allowing Non-Administrators to install USB Flash drives

By andersaa ·
I work for a school district and I have recently run into a problem with non-admins and usb flash drives. This problem is weird because it is not something that would be expected to just suddenly start happening. I started here a year ago and up to this point, teachers and students have been able to just plug in their flash drives and go. Now it prompts them for an admin username and password for any drive that has yet to be plugged into the system. I have found a few solutions but none have worked:

In my Active Directory GPO for the computers I have enabled "load and unload device drivers" and "eject and format removable storage"

I have tried giving modify to full control to the files %systemroot%\inf\usbstor.ini and %systemroot%\inf\usbstor.pnf

As an experiment I tried giving full control access to the C:\windows directory and all child folders.

Does any one have any suggestions as to what to try next? I am at my wits end. Thank you in advance! All Computers are gateways running Windows XP SP2.
Sorry if this is a bit long but I like details :)

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Specs + Info

by andersaa In reply to more info

Thank you for the reply!

Our DC is Windows 2003 SP1. The DC is running mixed mode, however, due to older machines at different sites. I have no direct access to the server; I can only use the remote management tools. I am not sure what the other sites are running but the rollout of Active Directory in this county was somewhat recent so they should be at least at this version.

I have finnally narrowed it down to a recent Microsoft update. I am curently unsure which one it is but it makes sense as to why this suddenly started happening. I am working with the county networking team to pin point the problem.

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Same problem

by zimmekar In reply to Allowing Non-Administrato ...

Hi andersaa,
We're having the same problem since migrating our school computers to WinXP this summer from Win2K.

I was wondering if you've found a solution yet that you've implemented.

Thanks for any info you can share.
Rhinelander School District

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Try this.

by Chris910 In reply to Allowing Non-Administrato ...

If I remember this right: It should allow anyone who logs in from the keyboard (interactive user)to load a thumb drive.

Run secpol.msc
Security Settings
Security Options

Devices: Allowed to format and eject removable media == Administrators and interactive users

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