Allowing Outllook express through squid

By john ·
I Have recently installed Squid Proxy 2.6 on my linux server for a cleint which is a school. I put Squid on so as to keep internet access secure for the pupils and to be able to control what is accessed. Squid is working well but I have come accross a problem now in that staff cannot recieve emails on their laptops and we cant update virus software etc. Is there someway we can at least unblock the pop3 and smtp ports (110 and 25) using an acl or something like that? If you need more information send a message back or contact me off list.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanx

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You need to install a mail transport agent

by Absolutely In reply to Allowing Outllook express ...

You can access yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc via squid without ports 110 & 25. For old-fashioned email, squid won't do, regardless of the ports opened.

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sailing in the same boat...

by gorav In reply to Allowing Outllook express ...

dear brother,

we both seem to be sailing in the same boat. I have exactly same situation at hand. I understand there is a solution. We need to use -
Fetchmail - For receiving emails
Postfix - MTA
Maildrop - LDA
Courier IMAP - local IMAP server
Spamassassin + ClamAV for additional security.

Have been struggling at school for a while. Lets c how it goes...

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How did you get on?

by john In reply to sailing in the same boat. ...

Its good to know im not alone!!
How did you get on with this solution?
Could you please give me more information on exactly how you did it.
Looking forward to your reply,

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