Allowing relay on Exchange 2000

By Anqara05 ·
recently as you may or may not know, AT&T has stopped allowing users to e-mail thru their smtp servers unless they're using an AT&T e-mail address.
as a result we have two work from home users that have AT&T and now i have to allow relay thru our exchange server. what's the safest way to do so.

any ideas wil be appreciated

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Set up a VPN and let them

by Dumphrey In reply to Allowing relay on Exchang ...

connect to exchanage as a native outlook client instead of a remote client. the other option is to set up rpc over http. Both options allow the client to authenticate. I would not just open relay..

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set up SSl

by Anqara05 In reply to Set up a VPN and let them

how about get an ssl for authentication and allow relaying only for * addresses only.

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SSL works

by Anqara05 In reply to set up SSl

So here is what i ended up doing.
since i have an ISA server, with help from a friend of mine, created edited the e-mail protocol rule and added ip filter for the smtp port the exchange runs on.
Got SSL and check the option on SMTP to require TLS authentication. tested and it worked. and since i have a spam filter before exchange i had to enable relay thru exchange only from itself so spam filter can forward it e-mails without authentication.

thanks for all your assistance.

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