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Alpha Tabs in Palm Address Book

I used to use a CE PDA and it had the option of adding Alpha Tabs which allowed you to quickly browse through your address book to find contacts. Is there such a feature for the Palm OS either through Palm or a third party? I have Palm OS5. Thanks!

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Alpha Tabs in Palm Address Book

by Kniteman In reply to Alpha Tabs in Palm Addres ...

Yes there are several alternatives.

One that also gives you improved DateBook, Todo and Address book functionallity plus more features is Agendus http://www.iambic.com/agendus/palmos/

Another is Supernames, it is an Addressbook replacement/enhancer. It might be what your really looking for, but I use Agendus and like it so I stuck it in there :-)http://standalone.com/palmos/super_names/

One of these should fit your bill, next would be Tealphone from Tealpoint software.

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by AzariaTech In reply to Alpha Tabs in Palm Addres ...

Not to state the obvious, but since you're transitioning to a new OS (PalmOS), you can simply write/type (if your unit has a keyboard) the first letter of the name and it will move to the begining of that range. You can continue to enter letters and it will continue to 'drill down' till you find the name you want.

Hope that helps

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