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Alphashield is supposedly the best thing since sliced bread as far as Firewall's go ... or so the claims go !
I'm a staunch NetGear supplier, I've always used them without suffering any problems. I recommend NetGear to all my clients, and as long as they set up their ProSafe firewalls okay, they have no problems either.

I've recently come across the product AlphaShield (, which is marketed as 'more than a firewall'. There is barely any information on this product outsideof the manufacturers website, and I'm desperately trying to gather information for an informed comparison.

I would like to make a comparison against the NetGear ProSafe firewall products, but as I say, there is no real information. I've tried e-mail the company through their contact us web page, and have had no replies on my questions. They make a comparison to two routers on their site, Linksys and the NetGear RT311, neither of which are SPI firewalls.

I was wondering if anyone had seen, heard, or used this product and could provide some feedback. I'll list the questions that I sent to the manufacturer some time ago too.

1. Stealth IP Technology - basic port blocking and no respond to ICMP on WAN ?

2. Is the AlphaShield RPA technology much more, or 'better' than a regular 'True Firewall's' SPI ?

3. Is AlphaGap just like switching off a modem, or is it more advanced than basic on/off functionality ? Does it recognize when to go on and off, or is it just a pre-set amount of time or user activated ?

4. Any comparisons to True Firewall's with SPI available ??

5. This firewall is non-configurable, so you can't open inbound ports for programs like ICQ and iMesh, right ? It's all or nothing !

6. What are thebenefits of AlphaShield vs a True SPI Firewall ??

This is the list of question I sent, still yet to have a reply from them. Let me know your experiences, if any.


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