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    Altering Delete Process


    by romantickisser ·

    How do I alter the delete process, so that when a file is deleted, either from the hard drive or any other drives, it goes to another folder I WOULD CREATE, instead of the Recycle Bin or totally out of the computer? In that case I’ll see the files that are destined for the Recycle Bin and send them there myself. So I’m looking for how to create a “middle man” between delete command and Recycle Bin.

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      Several ways I can think of.. . .

      by former big iron guy ·

      In reply to Altering Delete Process

      I’d take a look at one of the commercial suites. I use Avenquest’s V-COM System Suite which has that sort of capability. Most of the major packages do, and it is quite likely that there is open source or freeware out there that will do the same.
      Another way that you could do this would be with task scheduler to move the delete bin contents to your custom location.
      I don’t know about PowerShell or Vista, but under XP, if you have two files of the same name in the delete bin, and you use the command, duplicate names do conflict, at least using the GUI.

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