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Alternate Apps for corperate desktop use.

By mjwx ·
Hi everybody,

I have seen a lot of talk about alternate apps (particularly in the Win vs. Nix debates) and it got me thinking maybe there are some alternates I can switch to in the corporate environment. So I think to myself why not put the question out there. This might just solve some of my inter-operating system problems

I have some specific situations in mind.

1. IE 6. We use MS Dynamic's CRM (yes I know its MS) which requires IE 6. I need an alternative browser that will work on a Mac and give a Mac user (2 in fact) full access to the CRM (active X I think is the problem but i am not a developer).

2. Outlook. We use an exchange server (OK were an MSDN partner, it wasn?t my decision) once again our Mac users can?t share calendars (we own a graphic design company). So I?d like to get a mail client on Mac's that can share a calendar in exchange.

That?s all I can think of for now but the IE alternative would be really useful as we have several products dependent on IE. Alternative app suggestions for winblows appreciated too.

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