Alternate laptop Power Supply

By volante ·
My laptop requires 18.5 volt, 2.7 amp
the P?\S was lost and I have an alternate that apprears to power up the laptop so I know the connector and polarity is right. Its 18.5 volt 4.9 amp. I've been told that as long as the amp is higher than the laptop requires, I will not damage the H/W using it. Do you agree??

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Within limits that is correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Alternate laptop Power Su ...

The down side however is that if something where to go wrong with the NB there is a lot more current available to do damage that the NB itself was not designed to cope with.

Depending on how the NB manages it's available power it may allow the battery to charge faster and overheat with some serious side effects as well. If it was one of the many NB Batteries Recalled because they failed to meet the Minimum Standard it could catch fire and do far more damage than just the NB here. There have been cases when homes have been destroyed because computers caught fire while unattended and burnt the place down. It is more of a concern if you leave it plugged in while you sleep as if something where to go wrong it may be the last mistake you ever make.


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Laptop Power supply over Apmed

by volante In reply to Within limits that is cor ...

Actually its an older model that we just want to setup as an email station and it's battery is "shot" fairly weak as older units tend to be

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You really should replace the Battery here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop Power supply over ...

As it acts as a very large capacitor and smooths out any Power Spikes that the Mains Adapter allows through.

You can never have too much capacitance on things like this.

Just make sure to power down and unplug when it's not being used or there is no one in the building and it shouldn't be much of an issue. Only possible problem is if something where to go wrong it may mean the destruction of the NB in question but if things are working normally it will be OK.


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Hello Sir,

by In reply to Alternate laptop Power Su ...

Hello Sir,

I dont have much Idea as much as you are having. but first check the watts.
i think the its should have the watts of 350 to 400. and Volts is ok. but the amps is momre means some it should afftect your power supply. check the battery back up.
chek the time taken to recharge the battery of the laptop, when you connect to the normal cahrger cable and your new cable.
And i hope it wont cost much to buy a new cahrger which is compatbile to the laptop rather than, buyiong a new laptop, do you agree for this ?

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by .Martin. In reply to Hello Sir,

I'm still trying to understand this...

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by .Martin. In reply to Alternate laptop Power Su ...

as OH Smeg said, it should work perfectly.

only problems you may encounter include:
battery overheating
whole unit overheating
shortened battery life

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