Alternating between Workgroup and Domain in Windows 2003 server/XP environm

By f95476 ·
We have a small network consisting of a Windows 2003 server and, 6
workstations and a plotter. The server has recently been upgraded to a
Domain controller in case this small network is eventually included
into our larger corporate intranet with all workstations being members
of the domain. All users have unique domain accounts and the
workstations also have local user accts on them. On occasion, two of
the workstations are removed and taken on the road for data collection.
When this happens, the users like to connect the computers to a hub
and create a workgroup, so that data that is stored on one PC can be
processed/accessed from both computers. Here is the problem I am
having: I cannot join a workgroup with either of the workstations, nor
can I rejoin the domain. For the workgroup problem I get an error
similar to "...unable to access "computer XX" the administrator may
have restricted access...", for trying to rejoin the domain I get
"...unable to locate a Domain Controller..." or "...unable to access a
DNS controller..." Firewall is turned off when trying workgroup setup.
Any assitance would be appreciated.


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Try this.

by Anthony.V In reply to Alternating between Workg ...

Make sure "TCP/IP Netios Helper" service is running on both machines. Also instead of having to disjoin/rejoin both computers to the domain, a workaround could be setting up a workgroup with the same name as the domain you have.

Setup local user accounts the same way they are setup in AD, so each computer can share data in a workgroup environment and be able to access the domain resources as well.

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Try this Solution

by karlincurrent In reply to Alternating between Workg ...

Window is kind of funny. If you are using Home Edition for your client it may not work. If the machines are on a domain without the domain controller authenticating it, that too may not work.
My solution for you is to configure you client PC with a static IP and share the both PC MY DOCUMENT folder or designated folder for the project. There you will be able to access file on the both computer.

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