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    Alternative to cPanel


    by pat_oshea ·

    Hi all!

    I’m don’t want to pay for cPanel anymore, so I’m looking for a free or low-cost alternative.
    At the top of my list, there are VestaCP ( and Fastpanel ( They are both free and seem equal according to their functionality. Both have nice online demos.
    What interests me most is the quality of support and how they answer tickets. If you have any first-hand experience with either of these panels, I would really appreciate it if you write a couple of words about their support. Thanks!

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      Alternative to Cpanel

      by deborasumopayroll ·

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      Ajenti free & no support for email hosting
      Froxlor free & support for email hosting
      CentOS both & support for email hosting
      plesk paid & support for email hosting

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      Alternative to cPanel

      by marks567217 ·

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      Alternative to cPanel
      1. Plesk
      2. Webmin
      3. Froxlor
      4. CentOS Web Panel
      5. Zpanel
      6. Ajenti
      7. Vesta Control Panel
      8. ISPConfig
      9. YunoHost
      10. BlueOnyx

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