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Alternative to IIS for ASP.NET App

By ivanev ·
Hi folks, i just want to know if there is any alternative for hosting a ASP.NET application other than IIS. The app is for the company's intranet. I have worked with other web servers, but in the java world, and i think they don't host aspx pages.

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follow the monkey

by swstephe In reply to Alternative to IIS for AS ...

You might like "Mono", from Ximian. It's free, it's GNU, and it works on Linux. It is about as stable as free/open-source software is usually. Here:


They have two supported webservers, XSP, (written in C#), and "mod_mono", for Apache webservers.

What is the reason you want to run ASP.NET, but not IIS? The official products are probably worth the investment if you are in an MS shop. But if you have any compelling reason to need to go to another server, wouldn't it be better to go with whatever they normally support: PHP or JSP?

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Sort of an alternative...

by noel In reply to Alternative to IIS for AS ...

It really depends on the application, but by implementing http.sys and HttpListener, you can "step around" IIS. There's also always Cassini, MS's "other web server." In the end, you'll still need the .NET framework installed.

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Try CassiniEX

by Andrew Houghton In reply to Sort of an alternative...

CassiniEX is a non-IIS Web server that hosts ASP.NET applications. Our IT department doesn't like us installing IIS without good business reasons, but CassiniEX can be configured so it will only respond to localhost making it ideal for development, testing and laptop demonstrations. CassiniEX my not be ideal for a production based Web server. For a production level Web server hosting ASP.NET you really should be using IIS.

<a href="http://www.systemex.net/CassiniEx/">http://www.systemex.net/CassiniEx/</a>

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