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alternative to microsloth's outlooks

By cplomas ·
I was just curious to know if there was a good alternative to micro$loth's outllok or outlook express outthere? Any good ideas are taken kindly.

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by bmedlock In reply to alternative to microsloth ...

It partly depends on what you're looking for. If you just want an email client, the possibilities are endless. I've used Eudora and Mozilla, both were good. If you want a total MicroSloth free solution to Outlook try Ximian's Evolution. Of course it only runs on Linux. But we were trying to stay away from Microsloth right?

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by iCreate In reply to alternative to microsloth ...

Personally, if you are trying to steer-clear of Microsoft, then I
would suggest Mozilla Thunderbird.

Its got all the options that you probably use, and if you would miss
the calendar function, then you can also download Mozilla's
Calendar (Sunbird).

Both are free and available from

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by caestelle In reply to alternative to microsloth ...

Like iCreate, I would suggest Mozilla Thunderbird. It will more than take the place of Outlook. The only thing is, that it will not connect to an Exchange server. So if you need it to connect to an Exchange server, you would want to stear clear of Thunderbird.

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by BFilmFan In reply to alternative to microsloth ...

Mahogany is also another potential choice:

Also runs on Linux, Unix, MacOS and Windows!

That way no one gets in a huff about their fave base-OS. :)

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by Blackcurrant In reply to alternative to microsloth ...


Why not just move over to an Apple Mac or use a Linux machine if it bugs you so much.

There's a wealth of free/alternative programs you can access. To add to the list above, there's also Pegasus Mail which is very feature rich and which wipes the floor with Thunderbird. But that's my personal opinion...

Good luck

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