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    Alternatives to SMS 2.0?


    by chris.harrison ·

    Does anybody know of any alternative products to Microsoft’s Systems Management Server 2.0?

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      Alternatives to SMS 2.0?

      by phinaddict ·

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      One that I know of is LANutil32. I still prefer SMS though.

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      Alternatives to SMS 2.0?

      by mb506565 ·

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      Try using Novell Netware 5 (in stead of MS NT Server). It hasseveral tools build in and available.


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      Alternatives to SMS 2.0?

      by erikdr ·

      In reply to Alternatives to SMS 2.0?

      Quite a few, actually. Market leaders are, next to SMS:
      – Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.4. SW-distrib slightly weaker than SMS, but server management and inventory a lot better.
      – HP OpenView Desktop Administrator 5. A bit narrow (only distrib & inventory & rcontrol, no licensing) but quite deep in its functionality. A bit expensive though.
      – Indeed Novell ZENWorks for Desktops. Can be run almost without NetWare. Is not free though, only the limited ‘starter pack’ is that.
      And behind that come the smaller point solutions like Lanutil32, Veritas DMS (including WinInstall) and McAfee ZAC. And an outsider, Tivoli IT Director, which outpaces SMS at almost all fronts but is even more expensive than OpenView. But man, you get a lot with it – even cable management.

      Hope this helps,

      / The Netherlands

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