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Alternativos for Flash MX

By stingray_man ·
I am a webdesigner, and I've worked for quite a while on several projects, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Databases, Flash, etc.
Now I am looking for some technical alternative for Flash MX, in which I can create vector graphics and animate it, including some programming.
People told of Adobe Livemotion (which was discontinued), Corel R.A.V.E., SwishMax (or 3D), but they are all based on Flash technology. And I want to get away from this stuff.
Pleez, help me...

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SVG? :)

by dumb_bird In reply to Alternativos for Flash MX
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by Dan Glenn In reply to Alternativos for Flash MX

Depending on the complexity you are after VML may be a good solution for you. It is an XML based language that can be used to render vector graphics. Animation can also be achieved.

Anyway, its worth a look. Look at:


for an explanation and examples.

Good luck!

Dan Glenn

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by necromanthus In reply to Alternativos for Flash MX

Don't waste your time (and resources) searching for "ghosts" !
FLASH is the best piece of work ever made (no matter if you're or not a Macromedia fan).
Just beleve me ...

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Insane Tools 3D Flash Animator

by janetweber In reply to Alternativos for Flash MX

This tool features MX scrpiting , 3d vector grahics, and an easy to use interface. I think the cost is $50 USD. Check it out.

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Why do you want to get away from "this stuff"

by Etaoin Shrdlu In reply to Alternativos for Flash MX

You write "And I want to get away from this stuff."

Flash technology has reached a supreme level of desktop penetration.

I think to answer your question, your readers would need an explanation of your design goals and what about Flash do you find inappropriate for your purposes.

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by steve In reply to Why do you want to get aw ...

You should try the Processing environment. It's a Java-based engine for displaying advanced graphics and animation. Still in alpha, though.

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Say wha.....?!

by scott In reply to Alternativos for Flash MX

Just out of pure curiousity, what is your rationale for "wanting to get away" from Flash?

Besides the pricing for the authoring tool, it would be hard to beat the convienence of the Flash plug-in penetration world-wide or unless your one of those types when a company gets large enough you just treat them as if they were some kind of evil empire like the Microsoft scenario.

But, I will leave you with what I believe is the "only" true alternative to Flash from a webapp developers point of view which is of course SVG, check out www.kevlindev.com, he is co-author of SVG unleashed and has plenty of examples on how to code SVG and you don't have to buy anything to author, just use your notepad and your off and running.

Of course you will see some 'proprietary' versions of SVG coming down the pipeline from Microsoft in the near future, but wouldn't hold my breath until then.

Again, I can't imagine why you would want to look over probably the largest user, plugin, and support base on the net today. But I'm sure you have a logical reason for this, right? So, please elaborate on your post for everyone's sake.

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