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Always a lovely off-topic issue: an internet harasser

By jck ·
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Years ago, I started playing a game. In that game, there was a guy who was a real...well, let's just say he was an arrogant kid who had all day to sit around in his mom's house, eat pizza and play games. He started a tiff with me, and picked at me for years.

Well in said game, I had made a lot of in-game friends (a few of whom are friends in real life now). One day after deciding I needed to be killed in-game for something (my toons were always gimp...i never exhaustively worked to be "uber"...he picked at me because of that), one of my buddies (who was a gaming god) came in and wiped him up in his own city in the game...over and over...for being an arrogant punk...and this made him mad to no end.

Well, it'd be fine and dandy if he had matured and left it alone and forgot about it. This all happened 4-5 years ago. But since then, he and I still use the same Ventrilo server and I have to put up with the constant "I hope you die" and other incessant poking-at from him. I've talked to one of the guys who runs it, and they say "you need to work it out with him" and my reply was "i put him on perma-mute now...i don't need to work with him".

I've also ran into signing-up for other games that anytime his character names are registered, all the names that I used that he knew of (from the original game we both played) are registered as well. To me, this seems like he's harassing me constantly with little things such as this.

Even others who are around have said "I'm surprised he hasn't matured by now." about him, and I'm getting sick of it. I've gathered enough data about him to know his name and that he lives in Canada (from what other people have said about him in passing in Vent).

Is there any recourse, if I can get the proof that emails he uses are what is tying up account names, for me to pursue harassment against him if he is in Canada?

To be honest, I'm not knowledgable about Canadian law. But, I'd love to win some sort of injunction against him that bars him from contact with me including through electronically means. In the United States, I could just gather enough proof then file in court and show that he has persistently gone and done things to harass me...and be awarded a court order. But, I'm not sure what to do in Canada.

So...anyone in Canada have any ideas? Anyone ever had to deal with this before?

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it's cyber bullying

by PurpleSkys In reply to Always a lovely off-topic ...

there are law in Canada against it...that's a quick google search. I'm not possitive, but I think there have been cases where the said bully has had their internet connections removed.

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I'll have to check that out.

by jck In reply to it's cyber bullying

If I can prove he's registered my gaming nickname with all sorts of games, and I get get several long-time gamers I know to state I was the original one using that name in 2004 (I've only been the only one I've ever seen use that nickname in a game)...and vouch that he's tried to stir the pot with me for 5 years now...I may well do see if I can sue him for harassment and make him/his parents fork up a bunch of money.

Perhaps the courts there would discipline him more than his parents.

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There are cyber bullying laws but

by Slayer_ In reply to Always a lovely off-topic ...

It might be easier to just change your online identity.

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Problem is...

by jck In reply to There are cyber bullying ...

That's the gaming identity that dozens of people know me by. People see that nick in a game, they're likely to message it thinking it's me.

God knows he's probably purposefully used it to try and give me a bad reputation.

I had an easier solution. I have a friend who's a biker in Ohio. He's already offered to ride up with some friends and have a "come to Jesus" talk with him.

But, I'd prefer to get him legally. First thing is to request email identities from the game hosts and see if they all match. If so, that's grounds to go further and subpoena the registration info.

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But I'm sure, like most people, the registration info is fake

by Slayer_ In reply to Problem is...

The best you could maybe get is an IP address which would likely be stale by now.

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by jck In reply to But I'm sure, like most p ...

But if a new game comes out and he does it there, the data would be more fresh.

Plus, I know some email providers get the IP info and keep it with the registering email. By process, they can show the subnet that was in use for his area then. Then, it's a matter of showing he's the only person in that area who knows of me.

But, who knows. He's a snotty kid who pokes at me. I'm going to talk to the guy who runs the forum site and the Ventrilo server. I'm personal friends with him, and I'm gonna ask him to talk to the guy and tell him to stop it.

I don't care if he doesn't like me, but I don't have to put up with insulting commentary.

I've just read most of the Criminal Code of Canada dealing with it, and if I prove he's been doing it for years, I can get him imprisoned for up to 10 years and told never to make contact directly or through any other means with me ever again and fined.

Evidently, Canada has firm laws in place about this. I'm about to take full advantage of them.

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Just get the IP address from Ventrillo

by Slayer_ In reply to Perhaps

Your friend should be getting a log of users for his Ventrillo.

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by jck In reply to Just get the IP address f ...

He might want to do that though. He might be worried about privacy concerns.

I'll see what he says. I sent him a message last night.

If he doesn't help, I might file a complaint with his Ventrilo host and have a server admin come in and listen to it and record it.

Then, I'll have the hosting company backing up my claim.

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I think the site admin should help you

by AV . In reply to Perhaps

Its really their job to deal with abusive people on their site. Don't they have some kind of end user agreement that you need to agree to before you can be active on the site? Something that includes abusive behavior will not be tolerated? If not, they should consider it.

If you do get the IP info, its likely to be a dynamic IP address, but you could find out who hosts his internet service. Most ISPs have an email address to report abuse. Check out their whois record. ISPs will investigate it and respond to you. They have a record of all of his internet activities, in detail, but you would need a lawyer to get it. That's how I've seen it work in the US.


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There's another one on TR, now.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Always a lovely off-topic ...

You may know who I'm talking about.

Keep your wits about you.

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