always automatic restart the computer

By silky_core ·
i had problem with my home's always restart by itself while i'm using it.below its my pc specification.

SYSTEM : microsoft windows XP professional
version 2002 Service Pack 2

COMPUTER : Intel(R) Pentium(R)4 CPU 2.40GHz
2.30 GHz, 512MB of RAM

MOTHER BOARD : VIA PT800/P4X533 series


can someone give answers & suggestion why my CPU always restart by itself.

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Do you mean...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to always automatic restart ...

That it shuts down and restarts while your using it?


Do you mean it switches on by itself when it's switched off?

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shutdown and restart

by silky_core In reply to Do you mean...

yes, my pc will shutdown by itself while i was used it and restart back. its frequently happen if i play game with my pc or surfing website.

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First culprit....

by LiamE In reply to always automatic restart ...

First culprit for that is normally power supply, meaning either your mains supply or your computer's PSU. But it can be just about anything in the computer.

If possible borrow a UPS and see if that cures it - if it does buy one.

Have a look in the MB bios - many now have voltage monitoring. Have a look for and voltages that are "hunting" or that are out of range. Look at the fan speeds, they should be constant.

Before changing a PSU over check for any failed fans or blocked ventilation causing overheating. Check your drivers are up to date and there are no viruses etc on your system. If none of those finds a problem, try changing the PSU.

If you cant change the PSU easily try swapping any components that you can to see if it helps.

If you know what you are doing try bumping up the memory and cpu voltages just a notch - be careful there though. Theres no going back if you get it wrong and no warranties to fall back on.

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thank you

by silky_core In reply to First culprit....

i'll try as you said

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memory malfunction by satorn

by peach_982 In reply to always automatic restart ...

clean up your memory..used it with rubber at the gold portion of your not hold the ic's of your memory when you clean up your memory...

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For any Americans reading this...

by LiamE In reply to memory malfunction by sat ...

For rubber read eraser!

I can just imagine it now..... I did as you said but the lube got everwhere....

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