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    Always CD burns with Read Only


    by where2man ·

    I’ve just created a ms access database and burnt it to CD. The problem is that when I opened it from the CD it informs me that it is a Read Only file and I can’t do anything to it. Before I burnt it to CD I went into my hard drive and selected the properties of the database file and unticked the options so that there were no ticks in any of the boxes including the “Read Only” box.
    Can any one help by letting me know where I am going wrong? I am using Nero 6 to burn the CD. I’ve also noticed that when I copy files down off a CD they immediately are ticked as Read Only.
    Thanks where2man

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      Reply To: Always CD burns with Read Only

      by elunicocharly ·

      In reply to Always CD burns with Read Only

      The answer is easily, better try something…
      Try to write/sopy some files into some comercial CD or a CD that comes with a magazine… You can’t…

      Because every CD when it’s burned, it’s ONLY for read… and not for read/write, ok?

      If you need write changes on DB in other PC, you must use a CD-RW, and the other PC must have an CD-RW writer.


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      Reply To: Always CD burns with Read Only

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Always CD burns with Read Only

      ALL CD files are READ only.

      ALL files copied from a CD will have the read only attribute bit set.

      You need either a portable hard drive, or a network drive to have the file be portable and not have the read only bit set.

      Alternately, you can copy the file from the CD to the local hard drive, and then change the status of the read only attribute.


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