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    Always crashes


    by klik_professional ·

    Does anyone knows what the problem is when your computer crashes 90% of the time when you copied large files from drive to drive i.e. c: to d:, and when viewing videos on media player and quicktime etc.

    also when downloading files from the internet ex. when im dowloading java offline installation, it crashe even before it hits 2%.

    even when viewing hardware properties etc.

    I have lots of friends but all of them cant find out the prob. pls help

    p4 3 ghz
    512 ram
    128mb inno3d geforce fx 5200
    msi mboard 648f Neo
    win xp sp2

    God speed

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      Reply To: Always crashes

      by justin james ·

      In reply to Always crashes

      Could you please be more specific by what you mean by “crashes”? Do you get blue screen of death? A particular application or process having an abnormal termination? Total system lock? If it’s anything other than total system lock, does Event Log show anything? How long has it been doing this for? Since Day 1, or only recently. If it was recently, was it immediately or almost immediately after making a system change, such as new hardware, installing software, driver update, Windows patch, etc?

      If the system is just outright lockin, especially if nothing changed before it started, you most likely have a hardware problem. The best way to track that down is to try swapping the RAM first, if that doesn’t do it, put the old RAM back in, swap the CPU. If it’s still locking, put the old CPU back in and swap motherboards. It may also be a driver issue on an outright lock, but my experience has been that it’s usually a critical hardware failure such as bad RAM. If it typically happens during disk-heavy activity, I’d be especially suspicious of the motherboard.

      Since it’s happening with a wide variety of software applications and functions, it probably is not a particular application causing it.


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      Reply To: Always crashes

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Always crashes

      humm if your overclocking back the clock speed down and that includes your vid card.

      make sure you have the latest drivers including those from MSI [live update is a create way to get the most current stuff drivers and BIOS].

      check all your BIOS settings. If you have the BIOS set for high performance, reset to default on all pages.

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      Reply To: Always crashes

      by ozi eagle ·

      In reply to Always crashes


      Also check your fans. With the age of the computer they could be clogged with dust, or the bearings are starting or have already seized.

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      Reply To: Always crashes

      by rickrbyrne ·

      In reply to Always crashes


      What kind of PSU (power Supply) do you have? You may want to check the voltages on your PSU, you don’t want more than a 5% decrease or increase on any of your rails. 12, 5, 3.3 or your CPU voltage.


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      Reply To: Always crashes

      by myplums ·

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      Cheap test

      Sounds temperature related as the cpu is busy when it crashes. Run it with the case off and a desk fan keeping things vented and cooool. See what happens now.

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