Am getting an Access Denied Error in Windows 2003 Server.

By matsobane2000 ·
I am running a Windows 2003 server, the server is in a domain, it was working fine all along, but sudently i am getting the following error message when trying to log to the domain , but am able to log on locally, "The System cannot log you on due to the following error:Access is denied. Please try again or consult your system administrator."
But if i restart the server i am able to log on to the domain Immediately even though after a while it start again , access denied, at first i though is a Hardware issue till i realise that is got nothing to do with Hardware as am running other O/S e.g Windows 2008 , but i don't experience this issue on the orther servers only on this Wind 2003 servers.

I will appreciate your assistant.

Thank you so much


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Any message in the Event Viewer Security log on the domain controller?

by dave In reply to Am getting an Access Deni ...

This might give a clue.

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by abder_faiz In reply to Am getting an Access Deni ...

Did you try to access using other accounts?
Could you please check the time in your server, it can create some issue with AD.

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along with the above

by markp24 In reply to Am getting an Access Deni ...

Check to see if you can ping the dcwhen the system locks you out?, (you may need to disable the firewall on the dc)also check for password caching.

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Having the same issue

by info In reply to Am getting an Access Deni ...

I make sure the clocks were sync. I install a brand new win 7 pro box and it went on the domain just fine. But I have a Lenovo desktop that I upgraded from home to pro and it won't log on to the domain and the same problem with a lenovo laptop. Both appear to be finding the grinds for about 10 seconds and come back with access denied.


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Do you have Daylight Saving where you are?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Am getting an Access Deni ...

If you do check the time on the Workstations and make sure that they have changed.

This has been an issue for a while now.


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