Am I being petty or abused?

By Mr_Fen ·
I have been put at risk and my position realigned elsewhere in the business. The only positions offered have been on a new NMC team. I applied for the team leader role and 'up sold' my skills to demonstrate what I had been doing in my current position 'above and beyond' the call of duty. The lead role was given to someone else (with all the cash and perks associated) yet I am being assigned numerous tasks that are clearly for a 'team lead' to resolve.
such as:
Composing shift patterns, assigning breaks, conducting team training, setting up the new team members laptops, reviewing daily/weekly output reports.

I have approached my manager who a)put me at risk b)conducted the interviews c)placed who he wanted in the new team,

his response was to 'get on with it and be thankful I still have a job' he then remind me the yearly performance reviews are coming up.

If I hadn't applied for the team lead I strongly doubt I would be encumbered with these extra duties. My question is should I put up and be grateful (Dickensian style) or take the redundancy and move on....

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Wait and see how it shakes out

by JamesRL In reply to Am I being petty or abuse ...

Personally, I'd wait six months or so to see what happens. Thats about the point when they will probably review your performance and the team lead's work.

If at that point you don't get an assessment, ask for one. Its a reasonable request at that time. If you still don't see eye to eye then, at least your gave it an honest chance, and you can start your job search with a clear conscience.


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Honest, clear conscience?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Wait and see how it shake ...

Why wouldn't his conscience be honestly clear now.

Why does he ow them a second chance.

Why would he think that fater this sort of crap, it would be taken?

I don't get it.

It would have taken a herculean effort on my part, to not just walk out of the door on the spot.

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My thinking

by JamesRL In reply to Honest, clear conscience?

If there was a "guarentee" of better things elsewhere, then sure but there are no guarentees in life.

The OP's organization is undergoing major change. It may settle down and he may end up as the team leader. Or it may continue to be disfunctinal.

As for a "clear conscience", its basically that he gave them the opportunity to make it right. Just as we think employers should give employees chances to improve, we can try and see if the chsnge sorts itself out.

Of course much depends on where you are in life. If you are single and few debts, you can take a risk of jumping from the frying pan and into the fire. I did enough jumping back in the day to understand that things can be worse elsewhere, not always greener pastures.


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Never happened in my experience

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to My thinking

You either go bitter and screw up any chance of the situation getting better, or you look so happy at being screwed, you guarantee somone will be overjoyed to do you again.

For those who are content with being doormat, fair enough, bitter isn't worth it though, might as well start going now. The longer it takes the worse things will get.

One thing I can say, if your domestic situation forces you to live with a crappy worklife, you will take it home with you and screw that up as well.

Seen that happen too many times.

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'Be thankful you have a job'

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Am I being petty or abuse ...

As soon as they say that, you show them you aren't, as soon as possible. Me I'd be too busy doing interviews to have made this post.

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Abused - no question

by neilb@uk In reply to Am I being petty or abuse ...

Good luck in your search for a better job.

Neil :)

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It may be that

by IC-IT In reply to Am I being petty or abuse ...

your manager felt the other person more qualified. The additional duties may be to evaluate your performance at those tasks to determine if you will be a viable contender for the next lead position.

Having said that, it was poor leadership on his part; especially the "be happy you have a job part".

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Not leadership

by santeewelding In reply to It may be that

Autocracy, like the overbearing *** who told me once, "There are a dozen people lined up outside that door for your job. Screw up just once, and you're gone."

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the saga continues....

by Mr_Fen In reply to Am I being petty or abuse ...

I have grinned and borne it so far, and been assigned more duties. The 'new' team lead is surprised at what duties I have been given and I believe must be feeling threatened. I can't see me sticking this out, and now I have trialled the role for a month I wouldn't want the team lead role either now.

I have updated the CV and will be hitting the job sites hard over the next month, is the 0.1% growth a sign the recession is over? I've heard contracting positions get approved around April with the start of a new fiscal year, is that true?

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