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Am I crazy?

By Jaqui ·
I must be, for the last couple of days I have had this thought I just can't get out of my mind.

I have been thinking it would be an interesting challenge to set up a "school" to train the 'Developmentally Challenged' [ current politically correct term for mentally handicapped / retards ] in IT
naturally, only those interested in it.

It really does sound like a crazy idea though. I think that it is possible, and we would see some very good staff come out of such a programme. I have had the pleasure of training developmentally challenged people in working as short order line cooks. While the pace is slower for their learning, they actually do very well once they catch the concepts.

Not a formal academic form of training, more a hands on training, with the concepts being explained as the tasks are done. [ student being ready to learn them in the process of learning how to apply them ]

possibly with practical experience in business as a part of the course.

so, am I crazy? or just completely off my rocker?

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I don't think so,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Am I crazy?

but I don't know enough about the challenges involved to offer much of an opinion.

I could never tackle such a task myself. I don't have much patience with my own poor teaching skills, and it demonstrates itself as an impatience with the learner.

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by Jaqui In reply to I don't think so,

absolutely required in mass quantities to do this.

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Only as crazy as the rest of us

by Michael Jay In reply to Am I crazy?

and as for rockers, yes, you rock.

Sounds like an excellent idea, you might even be able to score a few bucks while giving to the folks who need help.

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by Jaqui In reply to Only as crazy as the rest ...

would need to set up a non profit organisation.
and get funding for it
and get the equipment
and yup, if it was to be done, Executive Director position to operate the school.
[ nice salary and benefits naturally ]

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You chuckle, not so sure you are serious

by Michael Jay In reply to ~chuckle~

but you have the time, the know how, and hopefully the energy to pull it off.
Worst case, it fails, best case, you pull it off, nice salary and benefits would be a good thing right about now.

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a chuckle

by Jaqui In reply to You chuckle, not so sure ...

because it's a lot of work to get something like this set up
and I had already been looking at what would work best.
both to get it happening and to get me the paycheque.

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I would find it daunting, at least initially.

by seanferd In reply to Am I crazy?

I also have far more experience with schizophrenic/schizoaffective types than developmentally challenged folks, so I would probably have a lot to learn myself. No, you aren't crazy. Not for suggesting this, anyway. But you do have a heart of gold.

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You can run with that

by NexS In reply to Am I crazy?

I, however, would not. My nerves don't have much coating for the likes of those, i'm afraid.

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I'm sure you could do it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Am I crazy?

I'm also sure those pulils who could be bothered to learn, would come out knowing their arse from their elbow as well.
Practical considerations though.

Any legislative demands
Kit and location
And probably the most important how do you sell the value of your teaching to your students and those that might employ them, some sort of acreditation?

I can't wait for a post TR
Career Guidance Advice , should I do MCSE or a Jacqui?

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