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Am i expecting to much from my wireless router?

By fibat ·
I have a wireless router at home and it downloads torrents fine and i can get emails and surf the web all ok but i cant download anything that isnt a torrent ie a link from a website. I tryed using a download manager program but it failed too all downloads saying complete but when i execute the file it comes up with errors saying incomplete file or corrupt file. The files i'm downloading can even be only 2MB in size and they still fail. Am i expecting to much out of the router as i know they aren't a solid connection like a wired one so packages will be lost, or do you know of a program that downloads internet files in a similar fashion to torrents to make them work? I have contacted Netgear the maker of the router and the guy just said there was nothing he could do but i dont believe him, other friends dont seem to have the same problem as me.

Any advice will be much appreciated!

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This can depend on a lot of things

by Slayer_ In reply to Am i expecting to much fr ...

So lets start by saying, if it's functioning correctly, your wireless should be as smooth as wired. Packet loss is handled in the background. Usually bad downloads like that are the fault of other factors.

So let's begin with a few questions.
Do downloads work fine on Wired computers?

Is there a lot of wireless routers in your neighborhood, have you tried changing the wireless channel in your router?

Do you have QoS (Quality of Service) option or something, I have one of these in my router, and although it works fine for normal wireless, when you try to get fancy it bugs out a lot, best to keep it off.

What type of encryption are you running? WEP(Why is this even an option anymore), WPA, WPA2 etc.?

Is there anything fairly substantial between you and your router, such as a fridge or micowave, Tube TV's can even cause some interference?

Whats your current signal strength and connection speed when your wirelessly connected to your router?

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More likely WHERE you are downloading from ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Am i expecting to much fr ...

It's not uncommon for 'net sites in the more dubious areas of the Web, to offer corrupt files.

Sure, any wireless system will be prone to the occasional dropped packet (which is then recovered in the background) - that is the accepted norm. But, if you think about it, when you are downloading a Torrent - you are sucking in anything up to FIVE or SIX HUNDRED different pieces of the eventual finished file from all over the planet.

How come, even with dropped packets, that these Torrents don't end up corrupted when they are all finally assembled?

It's probably because they started out as NON-CORRUPT file-parts when you began the download run.

If you are being successful when you download Microsoft Updates, then the only other possibility is that you are choosing to download these problem files from dodgy sites.

Check that your Firewall isn't blocking any of the sites that these problem downloads are coming from.

Edit for silly, silly typos.

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Yes I have to agree here with the others

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Am i expecting to much fr ...

The problem isn't in the Router but much more likely the source of the failed downloads.

The difference between a Wireless and Wired Connection is mainly Speed as the Wired Connection is considerably faster and Security. The WiFi Connection is far less Secure and is an Attack Vector to your computers and the Data that they contain.

So if the Torrents are coming through OK then unless the Torrent Down loader has corrupted something in the OS it should not have any effect on the other downloads.

As for the Guy from Netgear not being able to help you the only time I have ever heard of things like this is when the Router was supplied by the ISP who has a Deal with the Router Makers and buy a Special Version for themselves. In a case like that the ISP supports the Router not the maker so Netgear couldn't help you with support.

If you are sure that the Sites that you are downloading from are actually OK your only other option is to remove the Torrent Manager and see if it works now.

Failing that you can scan the system for infections with your Installed AV product and something like Malware Bytes


and Spy Bot S&amp


in Safe Mode and continue to run scans till they either come up clean or you can not remove something. Then move onto a different Scanner.


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I'm surprised...

by patb071 In reply to Am i expecting to much fr ...

That no one said make sure your router has the lastest drivers installed.

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Do routers need Drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I'm surprised...

I have never set up one by the Disc that comes with them. I always use a Browser and a HTTP address to access the Setup Utility.

Or do you mean the Latest Firmware?

But even with an older Firmware Revision it should still allow a Download of Data Files. Here my bet would be on the Torrent Manager killing that part of the OS and stopping the Downloads.

I am however just making a guess.


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What sites are you having the problem with?

by jdclyde In reply to Am i expecting to much fr ...

Is it just one site you can't download from, or all sites?

Go to cnet or someplace like that, and try to download a few files. If they work, you now know that it is the other site you were downloading from having bad files or issues in transmitting.

Plug your system in directly, and try your download. That will confirm if it is the wireless or not.

Remove one piece at a time until it works, and you will find where the problem is. Is is highly unlikely it is your wireless. It would work or it would not work, not just for certain sites.

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by TheBOFH In reply to Am i expecting to much fr ...


I recentley was asked by a friend to connected an XBOX to the internet via a wireless modem I could not get it work, in the end called the ISP helped me via the phone and got it working. Suggest contacting your ISP.


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MTU Setting

by Bapster In reply to ISP

Check the MTU setting on the router config page....

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