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Am I insane or just my company?

By rbm100 ·
I was recently put in charge of abolishing spam for our company. After analyzing what was already in place, I noticed that we were allowing alternate names( ex. instead of to be trapped in one of our filters so that a technician could sift through them just in case a legitimate email was caught in there. My question is: Should we be held responsible for a customer mispelling an employee email address?

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by Black Panther In reply to Am I insane or just my co ...

What have we become! Isn't is sad that now the person sitting next to you emails you instead of talking to you!

No email should be a higher priority and relied upon more than a phone call or conversation ( unless proof in writing is required ).

How many variations 'aliases' do you use - do you add an extra one because one person made a 'typo' one day.

If the customer sends a postal letter addressed to the wrong address does the post office cater for that?

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Nope - let it bounce back

by SkipperUSN In reply to Am I insane or just my co ...

No - just let it bounce back to the sender -

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Depends on the client/customer

by ippirate In reply to Am I insane or just my co ...

I work for a parts manufacturer for the Big 3. We do mainly tier 2 and 3 work for Ford/DCX however we are tier 1 to GM. With GM we make exceptions, something about the size of the business and volume etc. Naturally everyone else benefits as well. The policy here applies more to more obscure or difficult names.

i.e. no exceptions on name like jones or smith or black, possible exceptions on names like adamenczyski.

With more complicated names that are liable to be misspelled we make exceptions so that information gets through. All others just have to await the call and then tell the client how to spell black.

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by rbm100 In reply to Depends on the client/cus ...

If you don't mind me asking. How do you handle the exceptions?

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Considering how spammers get their lists

by DC_GUY In reply to Am I insane or just my co ...

It seems most improbable that an e-mail with a misspelled name would be spam. That type of error is far more likely to have been made by a human than by software.

Of course it's up to your company whether they want to be kind to people who misspell, but considering the average level of spelling skill in this country I don't see any harm in it.

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