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Am I ready for this or not?

By Senoj ·
My name is Doug Jones i have recently acquired a job as an I.T. Tehcnician, but I feel as though I dont know as much as I should, I am curently working to become a Cisco certified technician and would like to know if anybody has some practical advice.

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by DC_GUY In reply to Am I ready for this or no ...

We all feel that way sometimes, more often than we admit. (Even after 35 years in the business.) IT changes so fast that 20% of what we know becomes obsolete every year. People are seldom shy about criticizing. If they're not telling you anything you're probably performing satisfactorily.

If there are specific things that you believe you don't know, then do your best to learn them. But otherwise, just keep your eyes and ears open. You probably have more to learn about the company's "corporate culture" than about IT, and that is often what makes people feel uneasy about their performance.

Take care of yourself and don't let this consume you. If you become depressed you really will start doing a bad job and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As important as your job is, it's not your total life. Keep up with the rest of your life and you'll feel better in the office. Go outside frequently to reconnect with the world, get some solar-spectrum light which releases endorphins and also helps stabilize your waking-sleeping cycle. Eat, sleep, and exercise healthy and regularly. Keep up with your hobbies or whatever entertains you. Cultivate your outside friendships and relationships with your family. Many of us IT people are not social by nature, but we should still strive to not become hermits, it's unhealthy.

Get a dog, nothing perks up your self confidence like somebody telling you every day that you're the greatest person on earth. Cats are OK too even though my dogs would not agree. ^_^

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by petex In reply to Am I ready for this or no ...

Doug may I presume that this is your first IT position? On that basis I shall pass this advice to you:
* Get the basic skills, how PCs work, how networks are put together.
* Cisco is great if you work with it every day and at the right level, most companies call in the expert when they need one.
* Take some basic training Network+ Server+ (COMPTIA qualifications)
* Do not spend a fortune on classroom training it's mainly money wasted. Set up a small network at home.
* Get some training CDs (eg CBT Nuggets) these are the most cost effective training methods going.
* Do not concentrate on passing the exam as fast as you can. Experience counts, when you have at least two years under your belt ensure that you get your MCSA or what ever. It opens doors, it shows that you did not just turn up for work but worked at improving your skills and achieving a level of understanding.
* I retrained in IT five years ago from Control Engineering (20 years) I've not looked back, every day is a challenge. It was a good life style change for me, I hope that this advice helps you and furthers your career.

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by mlayton In reply to Am I ready for this or no ...

Something that might help... there are a lot of free (or low cost) industry subscriptions out there. When I started (and was single...) I spent about twenty hours a week reading everything I could get my hands on. I cataloged them all and kept notes just so I would remember what I read. I still spend a good five hours a week just to keep on top of industry changes and what is going on. I recommend it for easing some of the gaps - plus if you can hone your power of retention, if something happens that you read about, you can always refer back to the article.

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by mikex In reply to Am I ready for this or no ...

Just follow the Hardware news (everyday), recently there're no major changes in the software (keep an eye on Linux), but it is good if you have some time for a software news.

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by Aldanatech In reply to Am I ready for this or no ...

I kind of felt the same way as you did when I first got started over 10 years ago. I got my education, but because I didn't have that much experience there was room for doubt in my mind that I would succeed. Cisco certifications are pretty good, but unless you're planning to work as a network technician anytime soon, I would suggest you start with broader certifications such as the Network+, MCSE, or MCP. Now don't rush it. Keep all your reference material handy and let the experience that you currently gain in your job with your self-study. Remember, it is better to go steady but surely, than to go fast and not get anywhere at all.

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