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Am I the only Admin looking at blocking to stop SPAM? (edited)

By jdclyde ·
EDIT NOTE: added details at end.

Half of the SPAM I get day in and day out is from a disposable address.

They brag about SPAM protection for the USERS when you sign up for a hotmail account, but don't do anything about stopping their accounts from causing a lot of the SPAM out there.

On a prefessional basis, would anyone use a hotmail account for work? If they do, then what is that saying about their company and they way they do business?

What do you think? Would blocking be a bad thing? I get closer and closer everyday.

**** ADDED DETAIL **********************
Running Domino on Linux, so any products that run on the server would have to work with this. Sorry, not a M$ shop.

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Spoofed mail

by Cactus Pete In reply to Am I the only Admin looki ...

Most of the mail sent as spam is not actually FROM - it just appears to be.

Spammers fake the return address most of the time.

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right, spoofed

by fitzmark In reply to Spoofed mail

you're really talking about filtering on the from header that includes the word hotmail, and not actually "blocking" hotmail. If you actually block the hotmail sending ips, you will probably find that it is not actually coming from there 99% of the time.

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A mixed bag

by deepsand In reply to Spoofed mail

Like any other business, the spammers target Hotmail because that's where the customers are.

The larger the size of the client base, the higher the probability that any list of randomly generated user/account names will yield valid user/account names.

Such lists are used as BOTH recipients and spoofed senders.

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Well I use mine at work

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Am I the only Admin looki ...

for personal stuff, but I bet you wouldn't give a toss. Nor should you to be quite honest. I've worked at places where this is not allowed. If you are talking about just disallowing and on your business servers I can't see a problem at all. I do all business related work through the company email, if nothing else it's on record. I'd be very suspicious of anyone who told me they were doing company business thru hotmail.

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by deepsand In reply to Well I use mine at work

a lot of small businesses DO use Hotmail, owing to the fact that it's FREE of any explicit cost.

They do, of course, overlook the implicit costs of reduced productivity, increased risk of having thier system(s) corrupted, etc..

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But does that

by jdclyde In reply to Actually,

affect how seriously you take someone? If they are using a hotmail account for professional use, just how professional are they?

When you get internet access, your ISP gives you at least 5 addresses. If this is a small company the five is enough. If not, there are still many affordable ways to get e-mail that are much more reliable.

Or am I way off base with this line of thinking? I make a point of not looking down on non-techs for not knowing tech, otherwise they wouldn't need people like us, but I think this is different?

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The way it is, for now

by deathtoliberalism In reply to But does that

The internet is still too new for a lot of people out there, and to them hotmail is a great convenience, and some even think it makes them look professional to be linked up with microsoft. They don't look at things the same way that you or I necessarily do.

I tried to block hotmail at work, and too many people complained of lost business correspondance, so for now, it stays.

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by jdclyde In reply to The way it is, for now

for taking the time to respond with the ideas.

Even if your not saying what I WANT you to say, it still helps keep the objective on track. Which is to provide my users with a valuable tool that helps them do their jobs better so the company can make lots of money so I can get a raise and some new toys.

I am not one to try to restrict what the company allows (think web radio, oh well)

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Another way to handle it...

by Ole88 In reply to Thanks

is to send a number of these UCE messages to the spam address and see if you can get them to change their policy. If they are spoofed messages, hotmail (and Microsoft) are large enough to try tracking the spammers down and go after them.

I am not saying that you want to send EVERY ONE of these messages back, just what you can afford to timewise. The more the better, but every little bit counts.

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Good idea

by ErikPaladin In reply to Another way to handle it. ...

I'm using Hotmail just for fun and if i get some SPAM i will report them as SPAM at hotmail so the guys at hotmail can use my input for their filters. The SPAM email can be analysed so you can get the IP adress from the sender from the sendmail logs.

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