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    Am I the only one unhappy with Nvidia drivers?

    by ryan454 ·


    This will come as a bit of a rant, because it kind of is, but I want to know if I’m the only one experiencing this issues. On my dual boot system, Windows 10 and Fedora (previously Ubuntu) I can’t seem to get a solid experience with the propietary Nvidia drivers. I always get worse performance in OpenGL and Vulcan applications than on Windows. I can’t seem to get rid of screen tearing and the performance in a web browsing and the snappyness of the desktop is worse than my old 4 year old laptop with Intel integrated graphics.

    The smooth scrolling is way choppier both in Firefox and Chrome when I’m using Linux. Stable Wayland support still after all this years seems to be still something we can only dream about.

    AMD GPUs and Intel integrated graphics work beautifully in Linux with open source drivers. After all this years why are Nvidia cards the most problematic when using *nix operating systems? And this is not because I have a particular affinity for AMD, Nvidia or whatever. I bought the 1060 that I currently have because it was cheaper than the AMD equivalent and CUDA support is always a nice bonus.

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