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By aloum ·
I basically need advice on must haves as a tech, our company supports all OS's from XP to Win7 including apple.
So what are the best antimalware scanner, registery scanners, system optimizes and or anything that worked for you when you were starting out.


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Hi aloum...

by gcabercrombie In reply to Am new Tech

If you are looking for something effective and free then look no further than these apps:

For malware removal- MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
For registry cleanup- CCleaner

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here are some great utilites

by markp24 In reply to Am new Tech

on the freeware side
TRK (trinitly rescue kit) - antivirus and other tools)
UBCD4win 3.60 - great utility suite (bual boot with knoppix)
gparted - partition utility
Driveimage XML - backup utility
partitionmanager - patition utility
windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 OEM (dell/hp) CDs
Apple OS CDs
Sysinternal suite of tools
Portable apps

I also like to put all these on one USB key and make them multi boot

paid apps
ERD commander (now under a new name from mi
Spinrite 6 (
Easeus backup/partiton utilities (freeware and paid)

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Hi aloum Some apps i wanted to add

by s_yd In reply to Am new Tech

*Recuva - Data recovery (freeware) -
*Mcafee 'Stinger'- freeware -
*Sophos Labs - About 6+ very useful removal tools and encryption tools for pc and mac alike.(Free ware) -
*Clonezilla (open source) Drive backup utility -
*Seagate seatools - HDD diagnostics (freeware) -
*MDOP - Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack - (not cheap!)

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Hi aloum Some apps i want ...


good list!

i forgot the sysinternal s ERd commander was renamed to MDOP when microsoft took it over.

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Prevention and Knowledge

by 3v@N771M In reply to Am new Tech

1. Focus on learning and expanding your skillset. A+, Net+, and Security+ are all great certifications to pursue (if you do not already have them) and an imperative body knowledge to maintain.

2. Don't create bad habits and/or use compromising shortcuts to get things done.

3. Document, document, document.... (then document some more) I have found documentation to be a huge time saver for me. I have checklists for nearly every task I do. These lists prevent a lot of time consuming mistakes that can occur when you are doing redundant tasks that require minimal thought after completing them for the "nth" time...

4. Learn UNIX/Linux CLI and grow to love it... Bootable Linux distros can be a life saver when troubleshooting problems with Windows PC's/Servers.

5. Keep a positive attitude.

6. CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Never forget you are providing a service. Yes, you may have a mastery of technology that make people stare at you mouth's agape and face frozen in awe, but you should never forget the importance of good customer service. When you finish a job always check back to make sure things are still operating as they should be. Forgetting this one simple step can close a lot of doors and burn a lot of bridges...

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