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AM2 boards and AM3 CPU

By jordanspcrepair ·
so is it true that AM2 boards and AM3 CPUs will work together? If i buy a AM2 board and AMD Athlon 64 CPU, how long will I be in the somewhat of current technology? and SATA-2 hard drives controllers work with the original SATA-1 (the first generation of SATA produced)? I have found on tigerdirect the computer parts I wish to buy for a brand new 64-bit computer. The total would be about $400 for this computer with a Gigabyte M51GM-S2G mATX motherboard. do you think i am getting the a good board??

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by CG IT In reply to AM2 boards and AM3 CPU

ok, you had another thread for a comp to do video and picture editing. Before you go out an spend $$ on computer parts, what software are you going to use for video editing? picture editing? are you going to be adding sound to videos?

What you do with the computer determines what kind of performance you'll need out of the computer [games excluded].

As Hal mentioned on the other thread, there really isn't very many true 64 bit programs out there [because no one is writing them because the majority of consumers haven't gone to 64 bit based processing. So you might have a 64 bit based system but the programs are compiled in 32 bit and the processor will then run 32 bit.

I'd still suggest you wait to build/buy a new computer until the programs you'll be using are written in 64 bit and can take advantage of 64 bit word processing.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AM2 boards and AM3 CPU

Gigabyte make some decent M'Boards and they do now come with a 3 year guarantee. If this is what you want it will be good for you but there are some potential problems with the 3 year Guarantee.

If the board is getting close to the 3 year limit or is an out of production board it will have to be sent to Taiwan for repair so depending on your agent this can be time consuming. From previous experience Gigabyte Will Not accept repairs from End Users so it has to go back through the supply chain which can be really time consuming depending on who you buy it from.

At Wholesale from the Country Distributes you can expect about an 8 week turn around if you buy it retail it will be longer and it could be much longer depending on just how many hands that it has to go through to get to the Countries Distributors before it can be returned to Taiwan for repair.

However this M'Board has On Board Video so it is going to be much slower than a M'Board with its own dedicated Video Card and you will be making the CPU do the work of the Graphic Processing Unit and be using System RAM to generate Video which is much slower that Video RAM for the same size. This would be a much better Gigabyte M'Board


As it has it's own GUP on board but you'll still be sharing System RAM as Video RAM which wouldn't make the ideal basis for any system that is doing any form of Video Editing it would be much slower that what you actually need as a proper working platform. With both of these M'Boards you need to use 2 RM sticks to allow the M'Board to work properly as well so don't try to buy 1 big stick and expect it to work. These Boards need RAM fitted in Banks to allow the CPU to work at it's fastest possible speed. If you do anything else you are only making the system slower than it needs to be and are underutilised both the M'Board and CPU as neither will run at full speed.


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by jordanspcrepair In reply to AM2 boards and AM3 CPU

Well, about the video editing, i only put that down as a optional usage just to see what processor would be appropriate for that in case i would want to do that. I don't want to buy video editing software. i don't play games, so i could care less about the graphics. but anyways, i hope this helps out a lil more.

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