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AM2 socket motherboards

By jordanspcrepair ·
Which AM2 socket motherboard for AMD sempron/Athlon 64/64 fx and 64 x2 cpu's in the price range of $0-$100 is ok/good/better/best ? Which board for the same cpu's in the price range of $100 and up is ok/good/better/best? i am just looking for a few boards to narrow down my decision. i am not just looking for any board that would be the best to go with in the socket AM2 category. by the way, i have read about the nvidia 6150 and 430/410 built in graphics that they have a module as an add-on that will allow you to hook your computer up to a tv. if this is true, can i hook it up to a standard tv instead of an HDTV? I have a CRT monitor, will the monitor work with the pure video of nvidia??

thanks for any help.

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by wescrock In reply to AM2 socket motherboards

I'm not going to go and do your research for you... but look into Asus... i have built 2 computers (both AMD...) one 939 and one AM2... Both have ASUS mobos and both have had no mother board problems... another nice thing about asus is that their mid range motherboards 100-150-ish are all really good.

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by w2ktechman In reply to AM2 socket motherboards

I would answer with ASUS as well. I havent built a system from the ground up in a long time, but I have always trusted ASUS boards when I did.

As far as hooking up your TV, you can get a visdeo card for that. I believe ATI, NVIDIA, and many more have TV Tuner cards. Some are built in with their top of the line graphics cards.

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to AM2 socket motherboards

so the module that comes with the asus AM2 motherboards will work with standard televisions to?? so can i use both my CRT monitor and standard tv at the same time?? will the pure video technology work with standard CRT monitors and standard televisions?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AM2 socket motherboards

Most of the Video chip sets support VGA out as well as SVGA which uses an adaptor to change from a 4 or 6 pin socket to a RCA Plug which can be feed into the Video IN an any VCR. On your display proprieties you will see 2 monitors and you can enable one to be the primary monitor and the other to be a secondary monitor that will display a different screen which you can place to the top/bottom/Left/right of your main monitor and then drag whatever you want onto the second screen. Some may have a DVI output that can be split using software to achieve this or even one of those VGA Splitters which isn't my considered best option but if it's a short run and you have amplification it will work fairly well.

For AMD I like either ASUS or A Bit M'Boards each has it's advantages and disadvantages over the other make and you then need to decide which suits your needs best.


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by fungus-among-us In reply to AM2 socket motherboards

I'm glad to see you've "seen the light" and are giving up on building a PC while trying to retain your AGP card... and DDR.

Do some research yourself... a good hardware site with decent reviews I'd recommend is

They have several "guides" available including...
(June 2006 motherboard buyers/price guide)
(Building a better budget PC - guide)

Good luck with your upgrade.

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by Exp In reply to AM2 socket motherboards

I will go with Asus as well. Built 2 PC use Asus M2V and 1 PC use M2N-E all running perfect. M2N-E has a very impressive hot pipe cooling system inplace of fan.

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