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By david_j_kennedy ·
Tags: Networking
Would anyone have a simple (idiots) guide to Amazon's Sidewalk product that I could use with non IT people
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Re: sidewalk

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Amazon Sidewalk Descripti ...

I think that depends on what your role in the implementation is, what you expect the people using the guide to do with the Amazon devices they own, and what the IT competencies of those people are.

Say that 70% of the adults with an Amazon device that implements Sidewalk in your neighbourhood can use a smartphone in a more than elementary way, but only 5% or so can be called an "IT person" by profession. Then do you want to reach the 65% more or less smartphone-savvy non IT-persons, or maybe also a big part of the 30% that don't make a more than minimal use of their phone and only use their Amazon device for streaming music or asking the weather forecast. For those a few tutorials on Youtube might be better than a written guide.

So you might need to compose your own guide. Then maybe our sister sites cnet's article on might be a useful start.

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Many thanks

by david_j_kennedy In reply to Re: sidewalk

Thank you for the reply and content. Much appreciated, I'll have a look as suggested. Thanks again.

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