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    amber power light compaq proliant ml350


    by kdkneisley ·

    I have a Proliant ML350 that was running just fine. I had to shut down to deal with a UPS issue and now the server won’t boot up. The power light is amber, but no other lights are on. Using various means of troubleshooting, I decided it was the power supply, so we found a new one. Put it in, still amber power light and can’t boot up. Oddly, the amber light is brighter.

    Any suggestions?

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      by kdkneisley ·

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      Any solution yet

      by thusoma ·

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      Have you found a solution for this yet? I am experiencing the same problem here after a UPS test

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      amber power light compaq proliant ml350

      by jluther ·

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      same here

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        That usually indicates

        by ic-it ·

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        that it is in a standby power mode. Have you verified that the UPS is sending enough power to the server?
        Tried a power disconnect and tested the server using only a surge protector?

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      Info from compaq guide

      by bizintelligence ·

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      I found following information from a Compaq Proliant ML 350 Troubleshooting guide which is located at:

      System Short

      When powering on the server, if the power status LED blinks once every
      10-20 seconds, turns amber, or stays off, the system is trying to start, but may
      have a short.

      CAUTION: Never operate the server with an access panel removed for an
      extended period of time. Doing so may cause thermal damage to drives and
      components and could void your system warranty.

      Perform the following.
      1. If possible, remove the appropriate access panel and check the system
      interlock or system interconnect status LEDs. For complete information,
      see your server?s specific troubleshooting guide.
      2. Remove the power source to the server.
      If you cannot determine the problem by checking the specific area, perform
      one or all of the following. Restart the server after each action to see if the
      problem is corrected.
      _ Reseat all I/O expansion boards.
      _ Check all system cables and external cables for misalignment, bent pins,
      damage to wiring, crimps, backward installation, or any abnormalities.
      _ Check all connectors (cable, PCI slots, processor sockets, and so on) for
      foreign material or bent pins.
      _ Look for foreign material (screws, bits, slot bracket blanks) that may be
      shorting components.

      Cheers !

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      Amber light issue

      by vivekrampal ·

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      HP ProLiant Server – Amber External Health LED
      External Health LED is amber.
      When the health LED on the front panel illuminates either amber or red, the server is experiencing a health event.
      When a server is showing an External Health LED amber light, it means that there is a problem with the power to the server, a sub system or a component.
      To troubleshoot a system power failure, perform the following steps:

      Check if power supplies are connected.
      Check for Red LED on the power supply.
      Swap power supply with known good power supply or swap power supply into the other slot.

      Possible System Power Resolutions:

      If the power supply AC power cord is disconnected, connect it.
      If power supply is connected and no RED or GREEN LED light is showing on the power supply, try connecting into another outlet.
      If the Red LED follows the power supply when swapping it into the other slot or a known good power supply works, change the bad power supply.
      If the Red LED stays on the power supply slot when swapping with a known good power supply, change the power supply backplane.

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