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AMD Athalon Vs Intel

By leiaj ·
Briefly, I am about to start a consulting job with a new co. They were telling me about problems with AMD Servers, processors and I was rather surprised. It was indicated on their last requisition for hardware, that 11 out of 12 servers did not work and neither did the processors. did they just get a bad batch or did they misconfigure or what? Bottom line is they lost money on their next job to pay for this most recent problem. Is this poor vendor relation. communications or? They build, load, configure and network. It was equally indicated that AMD would not make good with this problem, hence they will never use them again. Feedback, please. Thanks!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AMD Athalon Vs Intel

As a general rule of thumb for mission critically appliances go with Intel they are just plain and simple far more stable. What you have to remember is that the initial cost is only a very small factor in any server accusation the real costs come in when you consider down time and just how much that will cost the company.

I've only ever built one AMD Server and it was a total disaster from the very start and even then I was forced into building this unit as the owners son was a Computer Science Student who believed that Intel where overpriced rubbish and AMD was the better and cheaper alternative. I warned against this but was overruled so I built exactly what the son suggested and it did work for the first week fairly well it only fell over a few times that first week when the son was there to reboot it.

But after that whenever it fell over I was called in and because I wasn't on site the thing was down for a long time by their standards. Now this was not a crappy home computer used for something that was beyond its abilities but a Dual Opteron unit with redundant Power Supplies and on board SCSI.

After about 6 months I pulled the M'Board CPU's and RAM out replaced them with an Intel unit and besides normal downtime for MS Patching it has worked without a hitch ever since. On the last visit there I was informed that the AMD unit had cost the company well in excess of 2 Million $ in lost production and overtime where staff had to be held back to perform the lost work again.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

For any business I would only consider Intel based CPU & chip sets if for no other reason than basic stability, if it breaks then you know that it is underpowered for the application but with AMD there are just too many unknowns to even consider bringing them into the mix. You know you have a stable platform with all Intel chips but when you have a CPU maker supplying one chip and then another manufacturer supplying another series of chips for the M'Board and then any subsequent different chip sets being used for different applications like RAID or SCSI you just never know what the compatibility issues are likely to be.

A good example of this is a question that I posted last week about compatibility issues between an AMD ABIT M'Board and a Radeon Video Card which just wouldn't work together. Today I'm still at a loss to try to explain the problem as both are supposed to work with each other but the just do not.


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by wlbowers In reply to AMD Athalon Vs Intel

Sounds to me like somebody tried to lowball the product and got some combinations that just didn't get it. Or bought from a less than reputable or non approved vendor.

AMD processors are used in server application by HP, IBM, Sun, Cray and many more. Ya think they would tolerate it if that was the case.

Most people have problems when they try to install supplies or memory that is not to up to the demand of the AMD processors.

Most motherboard manufacturers have specific lines designed for servers. And every product has qualified component compatability list. Some people ignore these for the sake of a buck and try to buy the cheapest thing they can find.

I have been in this business since '88 and have seen crap put together with every processor that has been made.

Your problem now is that even if somebody in white robes and a halo around their head tried to convience them to reconsider they probably would not do it.

So Good Luck

Ya Gonna Need it


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