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AMD Athlon or Intel P4?

By not disclosed ·
If you have to choose between AMD Athlon (1.3 Ghz) and Intel Pentium 4 (1.3 Ghz), what factors do you consider to make a right choice?

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AMD Athlon or Intel IV

by shuja52 In reply to AMD Athlon or Intel P4?

Justify yourself first that for what purpose you are buying... Intel IV is much widely supported by software and other hardware vendors..

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I think Athlon works better

by tech07 In reply to AMD Athlon or Intel IV

Due the test a have made of this 2 CPU's, i think Athlon still works better than intel's P. Rather than - Athlon at 1000Mhz works better than P III at 1000Mhz. I test them by 2 ways - ones at Novell server with 250 users online and than on Windows mashine used for grabbing a DV file. And the 2 times Athlon gave me better results with approximately 20% than P III. Morethan - Athlon is cheaper and gives more productivity on less price. More from that i have read - PIV uses Ram, which is 3 timens expensive than the standart SDram and even with this ram, PIV didn't works better. More - at the tests PIV art 1,7GHz works worst than athlon at 1,3 GHz. Whats the idea?
Buy an Athlon :)


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I think Athlon works better than P IV

by chc In reply to I think Athlon works bett ...

I am so disappoint with PIV's performance. the 1.7 G Pentium IV is slower than my 1.33 G
Athlon. I hope I read your comments before I brought them. No more Pentium IV, we are going to switch the upgrade plan to Athlon instead.

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Depends on what you want

by Greg Abrahamsen In reply to AMD Athlon or Intel IV

The AMD is a great chip. and it's alot less expensive than a p4. But dont forget to add in the cost of the RDRAM that runs at 400Mhz. That stuff is really expensive!

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It really depends on your application

by Shanghai Sam In reply to AMD Athlon or Intel IV

Like most things we buy throughout our lifetimes, you ultimate choice in which CPU is right for you depends on your application.

The fact of the matter is both CPUs have advantages and weaknesses.

The PIV for example has excellent floating point capabilities but yet its raw processing speed is lacking; particularly for its pricing structure.

Conclusion: For special application purposes that demand fast mathemathical computations like CAD (actually I wouldn't use neither Intel or AMD for a "true" cad station), or if you work for a large company that has VERY complex, math intensive spreadsheets or accounting packages - then I'd pick Intel's chip over AMD in a heartbeat.

However, let's look at the AM

The Athlon is cheaper and on a baseline average in raw processing speed of non specialized FPU applications - it just dogs the Intel IV at a significantly lower price/performance cost. So if you are looking for pure value for your dollar - AMD is the clear leader. The downside, as you could guess by now, is what I call the "Scurge of Intel"....AMD seemingly impossible challenge of beating the pants out of Intel's notoriously better FPU performance. This is the one thing I can't believe, when will AMD beat Intel hands down on FPU performance?

Anyway there's my 2 cents.


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AMD Atholon or PIV?

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Details about PIV

For those who have been following Intel for the past few years know the quality is just not there. Intel was also arrogant enough to believe it's own lies about speed and reliability and has publically admitted it twice. AMD is cheaper to buy and more robust with a track record to back that up with. Intel cannot claim the same. This is not an opinion, but fact. Before AMD was making processors, it has been making in-spec board componants for many years and had a sterling reputation for quality.Make mine AMD!

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Consider the Mainboard too...

by TechWolf In reply to AMD Atholon or PIV?

I've noticed some Abit Mainboards don't handle AMD processors aswell as other brands. Personally I prefer FIC over the other brands. You may find another to fit your needs. I have had alot of success with FIC. By the way I am pro AMD.

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Mainboard manufacturers step up!

by key_consulting In reply to Consider the Mainboard to ...

Although ABIT mainboards may not handle the AMD Processors very well consider the ASUS solution. Now for future considerations, since not everyone is going to jump into the DDR revolution, ASUS just came out with a AMD mainboard that will support both DDR and P133 RAM! Definitely AMD gets my vote. AMD has the advantage as they understand that the average user wants value, performance AND functionality. Too bad Intel does not understand this concept.

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AMD for sure!!!

by daiquiria2 In reply to Mainboard manufacturers s ...

I've had P3 and P4 for several years and recently upgraded one of my systems to AMD. I've had more unsurpassed reliability from my AMD processor than I've EVER had with Intel! My money's definitely on AMD. By the way, ASUS fully supports AMD, allversions. Just know what you want and do your research (this is just the beginning!). Then go AMD!

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