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AMD Athlon won't start

By Midho ·
I have Systemax PC with AMD Athlon running Windows ME (this is pretty much all the specs I have) that won't start:
Most of the times it goes thru the POST, beeps once and it dies after that (screen goes black and light on the monitor turns from solid green to blinking orange, PC fans are still running). Sometimes it gets to Windows screen before it dies, sometimes it doesn't even go thru the POST. I tried with different power supply, replaced AGP video card with PCI, different RAM but problem is the same. I also found on Systemax web site that RAM and video card have to be installed in proper sequence, but that didn't work either. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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by Midho In reply to AMD Athlon won't start

Forgot to mention that I tried to start PC with FDD, HDD and CD disconected in case one of them is malfunctioning, still can't get to BIOS.

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by scott_thomass In reply to AMD Athlon won't start

Without knowing what sort of Machine you have I can only give you a rough idea what could be wrong.

- Does the CPU sit properly in its seating (this could explain the differeence in start up errors.
- Are you using the right kind of RAM. ie placing DDR-SDRAM in a normal PC isn`t going to if you use DDR RAM then place them in pairs not singularly.
- Check the Boot order and how the HDD is designated. ie I had recently a FSC machine with the HDD on Auto which wouldn`t boot until it was designated as USER.
- How high is your Graphic card set...if too high then the Monitor can go black. Change setting by going into saftey mode when booting (if you get that far)
- Try updating your BIO`s

Also check the lights on your keyboard they can also give ideas on what is wrong (does one blink or stay permanently on etc)

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by michael.burgess In reply to AMD Athlon won't start

I would go to BIOS and return all settings to default. Remove the CPU. Replace it.. and recheck all other connections..

also make sure your motherboard isnt hitting the case.. you should have installed it with the spacers provided..

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by KhongPhuTu In reply to AMD Athlon won't start


I am not saying this is your problem, but I had a very similar problem with my AMD-750 PC. Upon careful visual examination of the motherboard (after trying all logical and nonlogical leads), specifically the bottom of the capacitors on the motherboard (MB), I found the capacitant fluid leaked and corroded away my motherboard in about a dozen places. I ended up salvaged what I can and used the components on another MB and all back to normal.

Good luck.

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by ddaubaras In reply to AMD Athlon won't start

What kind of heatsink does your athlon have? Was it a heat sink that came with the CPU? Check the heatsink is seated properly and that it has some thermal grease on it.

You may have to try another CPU to narrow the problem down. Hope this helps.

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by gahamblin In reply to AMD Athlon won't start

Have you tried the clear CMOS jumper on the MB?
Also make sure that the CPU fan RPM is correct / functioning properly. You might try just replacing it with a new one to make sure. Most of the Athlon MB's will shut down if the CPU fan speed drops below threshold.
Also the Athlon has a built in Temp sensor so make sure the heat sink is properly thermally bonded to the processor.

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by carvercomputers_1 In reply to AMD Athlon won't start

check to see if you are using the same memory
Just today I had the same happen to me I got sync,and unsync memory and it did the same thing
also you could try useing your boot disk and do option 1 then when the vitcsal dive type scandisk
if you had a minor problem this will help fix it

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by Midho In reply to AMD Athlon won't start

I apologize for not responding to your answers, had an unexpected trip. When I came back, turned computer on, and it worked just fine: no signs of previous trouble. Isn't that weird? Thanks to all of you for help.

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