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AMD Blues

By Shanghai Sam ·
I just built my first AMD Athlon XP 1700+ computer using a Shuttle motherboard. This is not my first experience with building computers, just AMD based. I've worked only with Intel. My problem is Lockups. Just random lockups. It even locks up while idle. I followed a suggestion to download "memtest-86" to check the memory. Memtest, during about 7 passes reported 55667 errors. It appears the momory might be defective so now I'm concerned about the motherboard too, How can I test the motherboard before the warranty runs. I'm rather disappointed that AMD/Shuttle turned out to be such a troublesome project. Any suggestion as to how to clear up the Lockups is WELCOME!
System: AMD Athlon XP 1700+
PC2100 128 meg DDR ram
Shuttle AK31 V3.1
Diamond Stealth AGP 32meg S540 xTreme
WD 40 gig 7200
Windows ME

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AMD Blues

by zlitocook In reply to AMD Blues

Well try another memory stick and be sure it is seated correctly. If you try a memory stick that is known good and is correct for the main board then I would return it.

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AMD Blues

by TheChas In reply to AMD Blues

There are numerous mother board / system test utilities out there.
However, you are not going to get good results until you correct the memory errors.

I know this is going to sound "of-the-wall", but, I recommend that you change the video card.Windows seems to be very particular about how it deals with video cards, and a video interface problem can mask as many other problems.
I have had too many problems with Savage 4 based video cards to recomend them for systems that support ACPI.
There appears to be a conflict between the ACPI routines, and the Savage 4 chipset.

At a minimum, before you blame the mother-board or memory, update the video BIOS on the Stealth card.

Make sure you have the latest chipset drivers for the MB installed. Especially the AGP mini-port driver.

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AMD Blues

by TimTheToolMan In reply to AMD Blues


Here is an excellent review of your motherboard.
(remove spaces from the above URL)

...and here is an extract from it...

"Fortunately, the AK31 has been a pleasant counterpoint to some of my other run-ins with Darth VIA. Shuttle's Apollo Pro 266-based AV32 was good enough to leave me cautiously optimistic about VIA's new DDR chipsets (when properly implemented), and the AK31 has given me further reason to hope.The AK31 didn't crash once in all of our benchmarks runs, with the single exception of Quake III Arena, where the good ol' VIA AGP lock-up came to visit. (I already had the latest 4-in-1 VIA drivers installed, and I'd patched Win2K for Athlon/AGP stability.) However, I was able to resolve the problem after some poking around by using more conservative memory timings. Setting the DDR SDRAM to "2T command" did the trick. To prove the AGP lock-ups were banished, I started up a Quake III botmatch and let it run for 24 hours or so:" TheChas is partly right with his guess its the video card. It seems to be a VIA chipset/AGP video problem.

Follow the above advice in setting up the BIOS with the 2T command and see if it helps with yourstability problem. The full article shows the screens you be seeing when you do it...


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