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By its_reflexed ·

I Have Always Loved AMD
But Just Recently I Have Been Running Intel Celeron And P4 Based Systems

What Im Trying To Work Out
Is Why AMD Is Faster
Beside The Fact Of This

AMD - 266BUS/1MB Cache
or Barta 333BUS/1MB Cache

INTEL Celeron - 128Cache/400BUS

Now I Know if you disable the cache in bios the computer runs slow as **** if not crashes and almosts dies

but whats im trying to work out is what makes the amd faster

to work this out i need to know what

the cache does and how much the cpu cache is
im assuming amd 266/1mb
333/1mb barta

intel 128/400 celeron
intel 512/533 nw p4
intel 512/800 ht p4

But whats better and what does the bus focus on
and what does the cache focus on and why is the intel cpus getting to 20-30 nice and cool-warm and the amd kicking up 60-70 if not 100c

anyway if anyone can help me out which ones better and why and why its faster and whats the different in help form within the die on cache, bus and all that it would be very appreciated thankyou JuST!c3

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by TheChas In reply to AMD Or INTEL

I like AMD for the cost versus performance.

Cache is a special high speed memory that is used as a buffer between the CPU and the data bus.
The more cache you have, the more data can be waiting to be acted upon by the CPU.

The Front Side Bus speed is the speed that the CPU uses to communicate with the data bus.
In reality, the ONLY communications that occur at the FSB speed are transfers to and from memory. As the speed of the PCI and IDE controllers is much slower.

The main reason AMD CPUs run much hotter is that they have more transistor junctions then the Intel chips.
On the P4, Intel has implemented self cooling. If the CPU gets too hot, it slows down until it cools off.

WARNING: If your AMD cpu temperature is running above 40C you do NOT have enough cooling!
You either need to increase airflow into the case, or need a more powerful CPU fan.


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by its_reflexed In reply to

Need More Detail Bro Thanks Newayz

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by valis In reply to AMD Or INTEL

amd cpu's do more per clock than the pentiums, and used to be faster at the same clock speeds. actually, they still are, but they no longer match the p4 clock speeds, p4's have pulled away, and now lead the speed pack

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by its_reflexed In reply to

Re Read The Question Bra

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by its_reflexed In reply to AMD Or INTEL

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