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By ksandy ·
why mp pc has an AMD Athlon 2800 processor but runs at 2.09GHz?

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by 3xp3rt In reply to AMD Processor

Because the 2800 is a reference number and not the frequency. The AMD officially say is a number, but the IT techs consider that is a corresponding number with Intel. (Your 2800 Athlon processor corresponding to a Pentium 2800 MHz processor)

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You also need to look at how the CPU has been treated

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AMD Processor

But remember firstly that every AMD M'Board doesn't necessarily report the CPU's speed correctly. The speeds quoted by BIOS are for reference only and not necessarily the actual speed that the CPU is running at.

IF the CPU has been overclocked or allowed to overheat this can cause some degeneration of the internal tracks in the CPU and allow it to run at less than it's optimal speed.

The CPU when new may have been at the low end of acceptable spec and sold on as such which will account for the slower than rated speed.

The M'Board that you are using may not make full use of the abilities of the CPU and thus it appears to run slower than it's rated.

The entire system may not be setup for optimal performance and be preventing the CPU running at it's rated speed.

The Power Supply could be over taxed and putting out less than the required amount of power for the CPU Rails and this is causing the CPU to run slower that it's rated at.

There could have been a problem at the factory where the CPU was made and it's been incorrectly labelled.

If I was guessing my first thought would be that the speed is being incorrectly reported followed by it's been allowed to Overheat and has degraded the Circuitry in the CPU, followed by the M'Board being out of spec compared to the original design values and causing the system to slow down. Then the system has never been setup correctly in the first place and this is limiting the speed that the CPU can run at.

Just out of Curiosity what are you using to measure the speed of this CPU with? If it's Windows I wouldn't believe it in the slightest all that I would accept from a Windows Speed Test is that the CPU is actually running and nothing more as their utilities leave a lot to be desired.

Just to give you some idea of just how good M$ products actually are back in the Windows 95 days I once got an error telling me that Device 6 was missing. Well I had no idea what Device 6 actually was as there was no reference to this in any M$ documentation so I rang M$ Technical support for an answer. After 3 hours I was eventually told that I had forgotten to fit the CPU.

I've never trusted a single M$ Utility since that day as that error message was impossible to generate if it was correct.


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3xp3rt is correct

by JamesRL In reply to AMD Processor

AMD numbers are intended to be compartive to equivalent Intel Pentium IVs. From what I can see, a stock Athlon 3000 has a bus speed of 2000 Mhz and runs internally at 1.8 Ghz. Is it possible your 2800 is overclocked?


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