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Amend my external IP address

By chris_jackson7 ·
Is it possible to amend the IP address what another PC or firewall sees(i am accessing remotely) as there is a rule on the firewall that only allows set IP addresses through and as I travel a lot I will be hooked up to differing external IP addresses all the time.

Is there any way of modifying my external IP address to allow me to access the machine...?

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Amend my external IP addr ...

If you are travelling with a laptop and connect through different ISPs or networks to your home LAN, it would be best to use a VPN solution with a digital certificate and a secure authentication method like smart card or hardware or software token. Of course, your firewall needs to support the VPN solution.

If your firewall does not support VPN but is programmable, it may be possible to implement 'port knocking' where a remote client queries a number of ports in a predetermined sequence, which then triggers the firewall to open a port for remote connection. Have a look at

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by CG IT In reply to Amend my external IP addr ...

what you mean is spoof your public address to appear to be one of the addresses the firewall will allow through. Hackers try that all the time. to spoof you have to capture a packet that has the correct IP that will get through, then modify you packet IP header field with the destination address to be that of the IP that will get through.


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by jm In reply to Amend my external IP addr ...

You can create a free dynamic host name for your computer on Now whatever your IP, you have the same hostname available to the firewall via DNS. Now use your hostname (instead of the IP address) in your firewall exception list.

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