Amicus Attorney "user already logged in"

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Is anyone experienced with Amicus Attorney software? They're using edition 5.0. I brought a 2000 OS machine back to life a law office client needed, it had Amicus on it, no matter who was logged it kept giving me error message "user already logged in". I looked at the Administrator on the server and the user was not logged in. I saw the option "Rebuild Login file" but am not familiar with the SW and didn't want to do something I couldn't undo. Phone tech help is not available because its an older version. Thanks for any help!

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I would suggest you copy the hard drive..

And then work on one of the copies to see if you can rebuild the log in file. If it goes belly up at least you have a copy of it to start over.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Reinstall Amicus Client

by willcomp In reply to Amicus Attorney "user alr ...

Try reinstalling Amicus client software on work station. It should install on top of existing version without causing any problems. I'd also recommend using a copy of the hard disk just to be safe.

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They have a newsletter with FAQ's in it

by shasca In reply to Amicus Attorney "user alr ...

1. "User Already Logged In."
For Advanced and Client/Server Edition users.
When trying to start a Team Member's office, the user receives the following error message: "User already
logged in."
1. This is caused when Amicus Attorney is not exited properly, or exits unexpectedly. This could
be caused by a user turning off their computer without closing the program, a computer crash,
or by network problems. In either case, a flag in the database indicates that the user is already
logged in.
2. This could also be caused if two separate computers have installed the same user. (if this is
the case, then it may be necessary to reinstall one of the workstations)Steps to Resolve the Problem:
1. Reboot the problem workstation.
2. Try restarting Amicus Attorney on that workstation.
If the error persists, go to Amicus Administrator and check the User's Status (Click Users >
User Management > Status) to see if the problem User is displayed as being logged-in.
If Amicus Administrator is still showing them as logged-in, then follow these steps:
I. Ask everyone to log out of Amicus Attorney, and then go to the computer where
Amicus Administrator resides. Choose the following based on the operating
a. Windows 95 or 98: close Amicus Administrator and reboot the
b. Windows NT: close Amicus Administrator, then go to Start >
Settings > Control Panel > Server > In Use, select 'login.fil' and then
click Close Resource.
(If 'login.fil' does not exist, then you will need to reboot the Amicus
Administrator computer.)
c. Windows 2000 or XP: close Amicus Administrator, then go to Start
> Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer
Management > Shared Folders > Open Files, select 'login.fil' and
choose to disconnect it.
(If 'login.fil' does not exist, then you will need to reboot the Amicus
Administrator computer.)
II. Once you have completed these steps, launch Amicus Administrator and check
the Logged-in Status for the problem User. It should read "NO". Go back to the
problem workstation, and log back into the Team Member's office.

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