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    Amount of hours charged to create a project?


    by vanalex ·


    I have to create a proposal for a customer. I’ll be charging for the development of a project, that could be implemented by a third party.

    It is a project to migrate from NT4 to 2003, with around 200 wks and 15/20 servers. 2 of the servers belong to a cluster, He will have ISA 2004, about 7 remote offices with File & Print servers.

    Security is a big issue, so I really have to look into it a the project should have all those thingsa into account.

    How many hours do you think I should charge for something like that?

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      Be reasonable

      by beads ·

      In reply to Amount of hours charged to create a project?

      First you need to take into account how fast or how much work you can accomplish in broad stroke. Are you going to upgrade the servers first? How long does it take to upgrade the PDC first then the BDC down to the last ‘server-of-the-line’ types. Allow for equipment failures and add 20% to your project time. If your lucky and everything works well take it off your billable time and come in under budget.

      Next phase would be machine in the outside offices acting as local DCs. While your there you can then immediately use them as your guinea pigs for the workstation upgrade. That will tell you how difficult the rest will be without comprimising the entire forest.

      I can go on and on. But you need to break this down into phases and think this carefully through. M$ has a good deal of information that you need to read before jumping headlong into this project or it will fail.

      Off the top of my head to do all what you’ve listed but I would said above would reasonably without major errors about 200 hours, easy. I am allowing for a single person, driving to remotes and the incredible, unerrering downtime with cranky machines. But thats been my experience with this type of project.

      – beads

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      Reply To: Amount of hours charged to create a project?

      by jbaker ·

      In reply to Amount of hours charged to create a project?

      I beleive that there are white papers and project outlines on M$ website that will assist you in reducing the amount of time required to set develope the actual project.

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      Actually only the project, no implementation yet

      by vanalex ·

      In reply to Amount of hours charged to create a project?

      Fortunately the workstations are already all XP. But at this stage I’m only considering the amount of hours to charge for the project itself, not the implementation of the project.

      Beads, your 200 Hours were for the project & implementation or just the project?

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