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Amount of time to clean a computer

By zlitocook ·
How much time do you give a computer that has problems like malware, spyware ect?
The owners expect you to clean and give their computer back like new but with the newest badware out there it can be impossible to clean it. What do you do to keep the customer happy and keep your store time usage to a minimum? When do you say it is gone and you will have to reload their system?

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how much is your time worth?

by PurpleSkys In reply to Amount of time to clean a ...

That's the question for the most part...hey, if a customer wants to pay my hourly rate, i'll give it two eight hour days, after that, it's back up, wipe and load.

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I do not think so much time on cleaning

by Michael Jay In reply to how much is your time wor ...

Just get the data and nuke the pc, start fresh, that in my mind is the best way to go.

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true MJ

by PurpleSkys In reply to I do not think so much ti ...

but i'm stubborn...i'll try cleaning first, sometimes I can get it that way...I spent a week on a pc a number of years ago...then Darryl asked me how much my time was worth...that changed my mind a little at that point.

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Yes you can sometimes just kill the bugs

by Michael Jay In reply to true MJ

but it seems to me, are you sure they are all dead? Is there something lurking there that you missed?

I say do not risk it, just waste the drive, and the BIOS as well, then you know for sure there is nothing coming back to bite you.

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I find solace

by santeewelding In reply to Yes you can sometimes jus ...

With the dumpster but a dozen steps from my door.

That way, don't nothing hold me hostage.

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15 minutes.

by .Martin. In reply to Amount of time to clean a ...
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Time spent is dependent on other factors.

by LocoLobo In reply to Amount of time to clean a ...

I will run a couple of antivirus scans, CCleaner, MalwareBytes. If they don't correct the problem, spend a couple of hours googling it. At that point if I don't feel like I am getting somewhere I will probably wipe and reload. This also depends on whether or not the data on that particular computer is important and whether or not there is a reliable backup of that data.

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