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An ADM's role in fraud prevention

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In this week's Application Developer Management newsletter, does Scott correctly identify your role in fraud prevention? Have you changed your thinking about your duties in protecting your organization against fraud? Do you agree that there needs tobe a paradigm shift when building software solutions? Share your experiences and thoughts with your peers.

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Not really.

by mmouer In reply to An ADM's role in fraud pr ...

All we can do is identify - the responsibility for action lies elsewhere. Example:

In 1973 I was the Vice President of a privately held corporation. I discovered, by studying weekly and monthly reports, that the President and the Comptroller weresiphoning funds for their mutual benefit. I brought this to the attention of the principles and was promptly dismissed.

About a year later I received a call requesting me to testify in court and resume my position with a hefty raise. I did returnand testify, the perpetrators were punished, but I had moved out of the area so I refused the position offer.

If the powers that be won't listen, then you have no recourse but to go on your merry way and wait for the inevitable.

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Position & Ethics

by joeloeffler In reply to Not really.

I believe the role of IT is to only administer the data connectivity issues. Policing content is not in the domain of an IT Dept.
In 1985 I had the pleasure of informing the Bd of Directors the errors of the Director. He was promptly fired and itwas a good experience. Reporting inappropriate acts by executives is not a question about roles, but one of ethics and morals. The question for each of us is, "Are we willings to make hard decisions for the good of the Corporation at the expense of my personal welfare?"

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